You Should Try These Android Key Board Apps

As the android is becoming the top mobile OS at present, most of the users use the prebuilt android apps and messengers. Android is a powerful platform, we can download using many other third party apps on the android platform. The key Board app is another key area, where many people find stock android key board little over age and required little more advanced usage options. There is other kind of android key board available for the android users of Google play services. They’re different kinds with different themes in different categories like fast typing, drawing support, gesture support, voice input and other features. Now we are going to see fewer top Android apps in the key board category which are popular.

Google Key Board

You Should Try These Android Key Board Apps

From the beginning Google created its own keyboard its always stayed futuristic in usage. The keyboard app supports the gesture typing in both words by word and whole sentence pattern. The Key Board supports different languages, we can change the themes by browsing the application settings. It has all the possible emoji’s and symbols. Another advantage in the app is, it supports the text-to-speech conversion. It has a nice and clean orientation and design with simple architecture.

Swype Key Board

You Should Try These Android Key Board Apps

We know how to swipe with fingers, we try them on wet glasses or in sand to create different designs and gestures. In swipe key board, it pretty improved option, we just have to swipe between the letters on the keyboard to create a word. Doesn’t it sound awesome, it’s fun and works smoothly with quick response. It has clean representation with a nice theme. You can continuously swipe between characters to create a sentence also. It offers a range of themes to install and change the appearance of the keyboard app.

Al Type Plus Key Board

You Should Try These Android Key Board Apps

This is app is little different from others, it gives plenty of options on the go for you. The interface of the application is pretty easy and gives an easy way to access between the different menus on the keyboard. It comes with lots of themes support, you can also get supported by the swipe, tap features. We get almost 800emojis on this keyboard.

Fleksy Key Board

You Should Try These Android Key Board Apps4

This appears as the designed in a minimalist way, the style of the flex keyboard is pretty attracting than other apps. It comes bit different rational look, we don’t catch any numbers on the top row of the keyboard and symbols. Its cleanly represents access to the numbers and emojis. Other features of the app is, it supports the gifs and goes into invisible mode while working.

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