XNSPY NoJailbreak iPhone Monitoring— Simple, Fun and Affordable

We all have heard the rhetoric when companies try to sell their product. It’s like a norm or a statutory condition to boast about stuff to make it sellable. Well! It’s not certainly the case when you are talking about a real product. That’s right folks! Here we try to make sure that only the right apps go through the top while the fake ones only get to their real home i.e. dumpster.

So today, we would like to talk about this XNSPY NoJailbreak iPhone monitoring app that has really inspired us lately. What a sigh of relief for parents it is, as they can monitor their kids’ cell phone related activities remotely through a webpage based control panel.

XNSPY NoJailbreak iPhone Monitoring— Simple, Fun and Affordable

What’s Special About the NoJailbreak Version?

The NoJailbreak edition doesn’t require its users to physically install an app onto the target device. (That’s what you need to do with the Jailbreak version). It only needs Apple ID and password of the target kid’s iCloud account. Parents can buy their subscription after which they will be emailed XNSPY’s control panel credentials. On the website, they can add as many devices as they want by simply giving the iCloud credentials of the target users.

XNSPY NoJailbreak iPhone Monitoring— Simple, Fun and Affordable

What Features Are Offered?

XNSPY NoJailbreak edition provides some very useful and basic features like calls, SMS, emails and internet browsing history monitoring. It can also get access to the calendar entries and phonebook from the target user’s iPhone, iPad or iPod. There is also an option to monitor WhatsApp chats and multimedia.

XNSPY NoJailbreak iPhone Monitoring— Simple, Fun and Affordable

Where Does The Pricing Lie For The NoJailbreak Version?

Another good thing about the NoJailbreak version is that it’s cheaper ($8.33/month) than the Jailbreak version ($12.49/month). However, an important trade-off needs to be understood here. Jailbreak version offers more features like GPS tracking, Remote Control, Geo-fencing etc. which comes at a cost of slightly higher subscription tariffs. NoJailbreak version is much simpler to setup and is available at lower tariffs but at a cost of comparatively lesser features.

So before you move on to make your purchase of XNSPY NoJailbreak iPhone monitoring app, do check which edition suits your smartphone monitoring requirements more effectively.

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