Windows 10 Is Here…..Best Features Of It

The long awaited windows is now here, those who get registered earlier with their genuine purchased version will get the update first, the Microsoft says 5 million people were registered on the list. Slowly it will roll out for every Windows user, as per the basic assumption there are 1500million people are currently running different versions of windows OS. All these people will slowly come to the new mighty windows 10. If you have a registered or licensed version window 7 or 8 running on your PC or Laptop and if you’re registered for the windows 10 update. More over the windows 10 is now a centralized one with no more copy updates, you will get updates via OTA. So, here are the best features of windows 10 as per now.

Windows 10 Is Here.....Best Features Of It

The Start Menu Is Back Again

Windows 10 Is Here.....Best Features Of It

When windows 8 was released with metro style of menu by eliminating the convention start menu, it was bit irritating for the users. The elimination of the start menu in windows 8 got a huge negative feedback and went against what Microsoft has expected. Due to this reason they made sure, the start menu again in its place in windows 10 with little more upgrades. We will see live tiles in the menu with bulky icons hanging out. You search in menu with just typing to find any specific application.

EDGE Browser NOT IE Any More

Windows 10 Is Here.....Best Features Of It

One thing that has been always disappoints the user in windows, yes the internet explorer. The internet explore was most vulnerable to hacking and tests the user patience for longer times. So, Microsoft is now eliminating and saying goodbye to the Internet explorer by introducing the EDGE browser with best inbuilt features. The cortana integration into the browser makes it more interesting. We have to digg a little to see all features of browser proving to us.

Cortana in Start Menu

Windows 10 Is Here.....Best Features Of It

This is one best fun feature in windows 10 we can see, The Cortana a personal voice assistance that makes your works on just voice commands. With the help of the Cortana, you can simply search anything in the web with simple questions like “whets weather in LA?” Or “who is chief of the xxx organization ” it will return the results within seconds. So it will become a handy feature for those who hate typing in the search. You can also set reminders, save notes, send emails, messages and many other features on just simple voice commands.

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