Why Your Organization Needs A Biometric Access Control System?

A couple of decades ago, attendance of the employees was maintained on a physical register. However, as these records were manually handled, one could easily enter the wrong information or modify the existing data.

With an intention to eradicate the possible loopholes, electronic access control systems were introduced. In the earlier stages, many did question the efficiency of these systems. On the other hand, some also resisted the introduction of such systems as they were highly accurate. But, again, finding a loophole wasn’t too tough.

Why Your Organization Needs A Biometric Access Control System?

Electronic access control systems required the employees to swipe the card for their attendance to be recorded. However, this could easily be tackled with proxy attendance, where one would swipe-in using someone else’s card.

To avoid such manipulations, manufacturers came up with something known as a biometric access control system, which uses one’s fingerprints to record his / her attendance. This is one of the most efficient systems ever built, as no two fingerprints can be identical.

Let’s have a look at some of its benefits and a few reasons why your organization needs a biometric access control system

A biometric access system is capable of recognizing specific features of an individual. Usually, features such as fingerprints or an iris image are recorded. These are unique and cannot be duplicated. As a result, one cannot have an unauthorized access to your organization, if his/her features are not stored in the system. Also, an attendance proxy cannot be generated.

The system records the complete duration between the sign-in and the sign-out activities. This duration is considered as the time the employee has been present in the organization. It helps the moderators to rightly calculate the attendance of the employees.

A biometric access control system does not require one to carry along a physical swipe-in card like the ones needed by an electronic access control system. These electronic cards are expensive. In case the employee loses the card, the company has to bear the expense of getting a new card produced. But, that’s not the case with biometric access control systems.

Above all, one doesn’t need to manage those bulky registers that occupy a good amount of space in the office. Biometric access control systems are small-sized and can be efficiently fitted at the entrance of the office.

The above-listed reasons seem to be good enough to compel you to have a good biometric access system installed in your organization.

With numerous brands available, finding the right system can seem tiresome. Adding up to your hassle is a fact that all of these systems come packed with hi-tech features. Making it worse is their highly affordable price tag.

In such cases, it would make complete sense in listing down the names of a few good systems you come across. Check out their reviews online, and in the end, pick one that you feel has got the necessary features. Now, this may take a while, but will surely leave you with the one you won’t regret having.

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