Why You Should Use A Hosted PBX Service Instead Of Traditional Telephone System

When you are choosing a telephone networking system for your company or workplace, there are a lot of things that you have to keep in mind. With the advancement in technology, there is now a better system of telephone networking that is VoIP technology or the hosted PBX System.

Why You Should Use A Hosted PBX Service Instead Of Traditional Telephone System

The hosted PBX networking is a wireless telephone system that is faster and time saving. Many people have started using this system to increase the productivity of their company. Moreover, it is equipped with additional features that you want in your telephone system.

Advantages of Using a Hosted PBX Telephone System

  • The traditional phone system included a lot of wiring and installation of the equipment. Here it is not the case. In the hosted system, you save a lot of money as the installation charges that are required for cables and wires. The only thing that you have to buy is the telephone instruments.
  • Earlier in the traditional system of telephone networking, there were heavy bills due to long distance calls. In the new PBX networking, the bills do not fluctuate with the long distance calling.
  • The hosted PBX telephone system requires very low maintenance or none at all. The upgrades are generally notified to you and it will get upgraded on its own.
  • The best advantage of the PBX is that you can operate your telephone system from anywhere using your cellphone. The employees can use the system sitting at their home which reduces the operational costs that includes rent on space, office, equipment, and utilities.
  • The hosted VoIP service provides a more flexible and easy call capacity. The only thing to limit is the amount of calls is the subscriber lines, number of telephones and internet bandwidth amount.
  • You also have a lot of advantage with the fax system. Your faxes can be electronically received and can be redistributed through email. Also you can send the faxes while receiving the fax from important customer.
  • Sometimes a new business telephone system can experience some kind of problems with the system but they don’t have to worry. There is no such confusion with the PBX telephone system as there were in the traditional telephone system.
  • You don’t have to worry in case of bad weather about your telephone system. As the system is connected to the mobile phones of the employees, they can continue to handle the important calls from their mobile phones without delaying the work. Also in case any natural calamity strikes, many of the VoIP providers help you to re-route the program automatically when they lose contact with their office.

You should appreciate the phone portability of the PBX telephone system. With the hosted PBX telephone system, it has become quite easier for us to handle important or urgent calls. Now there is a quick and better connection between each and every individual of your office or workplace. If you don’t have a hosted PBX at your place, go get it now.

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