Why You Should Switch To Online File Storage

It seems that everyone now is obsessed with storing files online. The external hard drives, USB storage devices and, worse, CDs, have now all gone the way of the floppy disk. Unlike these traditional devices that physically stores data, online file storage is convenient and can be accessed from anywhere on any computer. It’s hard to steal something if you can’t touch it. These perks, along with a few others, have now made cloud storage popular and common.

So, what exactly is cloud storage? For example, if you see an advertisement for cloud computing Brisbane, would you know what it is? The simplest definition is that it’s a technology that allows you to store and access data over the Internet. The “cloud” means the Internet. It’s distinct from localised data storage where the storing is done by your computer’s indefatigable CPU. This is a giant step forward for the future of computing, as technology in the past was defined by doing things solely on a personal computer with limited access to other networks.

Why You Should Switch To Online File Storage

Now for the big question—what does all this mean to you, as an individual? Does this mean you might no longer be able to use all those vacation photos stored on a trusty 2GB memory stick? No, of course not. Online file storage is simply a better way to store your data. Compare it to storing gold in a safe under the bed, as opposed to storing it in a highly secure vault, from which you can make withdrawals from wherever you are. Both accomplishes similar goals, but one better than the other. If you are still not convinced why you shouldn’t switch to cloud storage, read ahead to learn about more attractive perks of online file storage:

You don’t have to take your laptop everywhere you go

If you are a student or a professional, you probably find yourself packing your laptop everywhere you go, whether it’s a cafe or a flight to Malta, so you can finally finish that project on Excel. Now imagine not having to do that. Moving your personal laptop constantly will wear out its hardware sooner. Instead, if you upload all your work on to an online file storage platform, you can use any computer—at the airport, at the office, and so on—to access your work. Yes, this can raise security issues. However, accessing files stored online is as safe as checking your email using public Wi-Fi. Your files will be password protected and stored on a secure server.

You won’t have to Worry About Losing Data

Remember that time when you lost your precious presentation because you misplaced your memory stick? If your 5-year-old laptop suddenly crashes, then it’s bye-bye to years’ worth of music, photos and documents. You won’t have to worry about mistakes like that causing you to lose valuable data with online file storage. Your files will be uploaded somewhere on the Internet safe from corporeal damage. Once a file gets on the Internet, it’s extremely difficult to lose it. Physical storage devices are also susceptible to time-induced natural damage that could result in irreparable data losses. The Internet on the other hand, won’t get scratches, won’t crash on the floor and can never be doused in water. You’ll only lose files if you choose to intentionally delete them.

Why You Should Switch To Online File Storage

It’ll Save you a Lot of Money

Memory sticks, external hard drives and other physical devices for storing data are quite expensive, especially if you are looking for a higher capacity. Online data storage, in stark contrast, is free. You can use Google Drive, Dropbox or lesser-known platforms like Mediafire to store colossal files forever. Some platforms may offer affordable subscription services for extra benefits. Even if you pay, online storage sites usually offer massive storage space for next to nothing. Getting the same files stored on a physical device will cost you a fortune.

You can Share Files Easily

With online storage, you don’t have to let other people work on your computer or lend them a CD they’ll never return. You can share documents with others easily like you’d do a Facebook post. Now you can show off your Christmas holiday photos with your entire extended brood with just a click.

As you can see, online file storage is easy to use, safe, cost-effective and unbelievably convenient. So what are you waiting for? Secure your files today.

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