Why You Should Choose HyperScale Storage Platform?

Hyperscale storage is the new age storage solution for big as well as small companies. This common misconception is prevalent among organizations that you have to own a very large organization to leverage solutions of hyperscale storage.

Let us first find out the meaning of hyperscale storage. Hyperscale storage means storing huge quantities of data in media, which is able to increase in size efficiently, rapidly, and indefinitely. Typically, in a data base, the capacity of hyperscale runs into petabytes.

Why You Should Choose HyperScale Storage Platform?

Difference between conventional storage and hyperscale storage:

There are many differences between the two storage methods:

Magnitude: The magnitude of storage is hyperscale storage (petabytes) is several times higher than the conventional system if storage (terabytes)

Number of applications: Media of hyperscale storage serves hundreds and millions of data users with just a small number of applications. However, conventional storage serves only a few users with more applications.

Cost: There are only a few features in hyperscale storage with hardly any redundancy since its aim is to maximize space of storage and lower the cost.

Human involvement: Hyperscale storage hardly depends on humans for operations unlike conventional storage. It is software defined and mostly automated.

Internet typically uses hyperscale storage in data base applications. For example, it is used in social media, service provider storage, webmail, high performance computing, or HPC, financial services, analytics, fraud detection, weather forecasting, monitoring services, etc.

Why you should choose hyperscale storage platform:

As stated earlier, even the small organizations can use hyperscale storage platforms, apart from giant companies like LinkedIn, Netflix, and Amazon. Hypescale can be described as an approach instead of size. The approach is all about orchestration, building, and automating IT that scales intelligently when it is required in business. You can deploy hyperscale storage on a smaller level and then scale it indefinitely when needed.

Data today is growing way quicker than budget of storage. The economics may be debilitating when the companies do not have Internet resources such as Facebook, Google, and Amazon. Therefore, the enterprises today need to welcome commodity based and software based storage to lower their costs, maintain scalability and flexibility to keep up with the requirements of business.

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