Why The Popularity Of Instagram Account Is Important

Instagram is very popular even most people assume that it is incomplete someone use the Internet if not have Instagram account. Instagram, as well as Facebook, is seen as a must for most people, especially the younger generation. With Instagram they can share moments, even live! This platform is also proven to be used as an effective online promotional media for anyone who wants to market goods and services online. In other words, the popularity of Instagram is very responsible for the success of online promotion. Together with Facebook and Twitter, Instagram is one of the three most popular social media apps of all time.

Why The Popularity Of Instagram Account Is Important

The popularity of an account is absolutely determined by the number of followers. The more followers the more popular the account. The more popular an account the more effective the account is when it is used as an online promotion medium. This is the “basic law of Instagram” that must be understood by anyone. The neglect of this basic concept is only to lead to the ineffective use of Instagram. We certainly cannot deny that there are many people who use Instagram as a moment-sharing medium regardless of popularity. They are even very selective in making friends through Instagram. Usually they set their accounts to look private; meaning anyone who launches a friend request must go through the conformation stage first. Of course this article is not intended for them but for anyone who wants to use Instagram as an effective online promotional media.

There are at least 4 ways to increase the number of followers. The first way is to send friend requests to friends or people you do not know. This is the most traditional way that takes more time. The advantage of this traditional method is the emotional connection created between you and your followers. This method is recommended for anyone who has enough time to manage Instagram accounts.

The second way is to upload content that is thought to be viral. Of course to get your own viral original content is a pretty hard job. We must realize that viral content is not planned but happens by itself. You certainly cannot just rely on luck because everything must run systematically. You may need to re-upload the viral content by not forgetting the “tag” that leads to the original account. By doing this you will not infringe copyright and ethics that apply in cyberspace.

The third way is to buy Instagram followers from the Instagram follower service providers you can find on the Internet. You just type in some keywords in various search engines then you will find what you are looking for. You need to be careful in choosing an Instagram follower service provider or you just involve yourself in various issues related to passive accounts. Passive accounts are accounts that are purposely made for followers. Obviously when it runs automatically, these accounts are not very useful to increase your popularity and may even cause problems with Instagram’s policies to monitor abnormal account additions.