Why It Is A Wise Decision To Buy Office 365 For Your New Business

Office 365, a cloud based service from the house of Microsoft has gained quick popularity in the corporate world particularly because of the benefits and efficiency it adds to the whole business process. The cloud technology is not very old, but it has grabbed the market quickly due to its reliability, consistency, efficiency as well as effectiveness in business and the Office 365 Cloud offers all these benefits along with the efficiency of the Microsoft Office package in a bundle. So, when you are starting with your new business, going on the cloud and implementing Office 365 in your office from the beginning can actually help your business to succeed and grow.

Why It Is A Wise Decision To Buy Office 365 For Your New Business

How Office 365 can help your Growing Business

Office 365 can reduce the overhead cost of your business and at the same time can increase the efficiency of your employees by giving them maximum flexibility in work. This cloud based software package enables your staffs and management to work at anytime from anywhere through a secured and stable platform. Once you are decided about implementing Office 365 in your business, now the question comes, from where to buy the service. Office 365 is offered directly by Microsoft as well as by few noted Microsoft Cloud Service Providers (CSPs) like http://www.o365cloudexperts.com/ and you can buy the service from any of these two sources.

The Better Option

However, for the new businesses it is often suggested to buy the service from renowned Tier 1 Microsoft CSPs. You must be confused about why to buy from a Microsoft CSP when you can buy it directly from the Microsoft itself; the point here is that, the best CSPs offer the Office 365 service in a package that can be more suitable for the startups. However, your experience is most expected to be determined by the particular CSP you choose in this case, and if you pick the right one with a proper market reputation, as mentioned above, you can certainly enjoy the best benefits.

What you get with Microsoft CSPs

Apps4Rent is a Tier 1 Microsoft Cloud Service Provider that offers one of the most efficient Office 365 Cloud package. The company is well-known for their excellent customer service and support which can be very helpful for any new business to implement Office 365 in their system. When you buy Office 365 directly from Microsoft, you have to follow a particular format to contact the provider in case there are any issues. In addition to that the assistance provided over the phone is limited only to the problems that are present in the official critical issues list of Microsoft. On the other hand, when you purchase Office 365 from Apps4Rent you get extensive end-user support along with a full-cover service, which can be most appropriate for the new businesses to adapt to this advanced cloud package.

These CSPs provide every type of end-user assistance to help you move to Office 365 and are available to solve your issues and answer your queries over the phone, mail or chat 24×7. To sum it up, when you buy Office 365 directly from Microsoft you get the product but minimum assistance for adapting to it, while when you buy from a renowned Tire 1 Microsoft CSP, you get the same product for the same price along with all the assistance to adapt to it.

The Specialty

Apart from the above, Apps4Rent also offers a product bundling option to their customers which enables the new businesses to get all their technical support and store all their data at a single place. One can easily include Cloud Project Management Software like Project Online with Office 365 to make their processes more coherent and effective, when purchasing the service from Apps4Rent. They also offer a free SharePoint site for project management on another target site http://www.projectmanagementsoftwarecloud.com/. So, all in all what you get from Microsoft Tier 1 CSPs is a complete package that can add to the efficiency of your business in every way.

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