What’s The Fuss About The Word Hotel TV via IP and Why Is It Required?

The old CRT TV is a passé, now the hotel owners are more interested in the new technology for their rooms. It is not just about replacing the TV with HD television, but there is something new they can do with it. However, there are few things that have to be thought of before going with the new ones.

HD Technology Adaptability:

If you are really going for the HD, you have to assure that the related equipment should be able to handle this technology. If all the equipment isn’t HD, you won’t be able to experience full HD features.

Size Matters:

The display size is what you have to consider if you are looking for the new ones. Don’t go back to the past where you were watching in a small screen. The bigger the screen, the better it is and more affordable.


If you are going for TV via IP, the connectivity type is more important. Whatever big screen you might have for the guest with fully loaded audio system, picture quality and so on, but if they are not using them, it makes no sense in investing in this type. Secondly if you are distributing the TV signal received via satellite through analog head-ends, it will be more expensive and you are not getting benefits of the digital signals.

What’s The Fuss About The Word Hotel TV via IP and Why Is It Required?

Here’s where the role of Hotel TV via IP comes in the picture. The internet is easily accessible and has become affordable. Gone are days when you need a separate PC to connect internet. The idiot box is becoming smarter with the merging of TV and Internet.

It’s the Age of TV with IP

Now you can’t live without internet on mobile phone. The internet on the TV will soon become a pre-requisite and have dominance in the market. The TV with IP or Hotel IPTV has gained importance in the hotel industry since you can have full control. There are many advantages of combining TV broadcasting and other functionality through IP.

What About the Expense?

Technology has always a price tag attached to it, but if you calculate the summation of equipment such as head-end to distribute analog signal, network distribution, additional internet access in the room you will land up paying the same or even more. The additional cost is not an expense, but an investment that can be gained in terms of revenue generation.

Additional Functionalities:

It is not just having TV with IP, but there are additional functionalities you can’t ignore. You can have wake up alarm, generate and view check out bill, listing of channels based on the client’s preference, complete room control such air-conditioner, drapes, curtains, lighting etc. It is possible for customized UI as per the client’s requirement in case of group bookings, conference attendees list and reminders, stream content etc. The hospitality services can be easily provided by integration of dining menu, cleaning services etc.

Internet Features:

When there is IP on TV, you have internet connected and the possibilities of using internet is unlimited. You can offer the guest to watch movies, play games, Youtube videos etc. They can use their accounts to watch Netflix films, cloud files, Amazon video, Skype and list is never going to end.

So, the TV is no more an idiot box kept in the corner, but it has become intelligent idiot box with many things to explore and have control at your fingertips. It simplifies the life and enhances the guest service and cutting down the cost.

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