What You Should Understand About How Car Signal Amplifier Works

There are various underlying causes of interference on signal transmission in the car, so there is no one standard that can serve as a universal solution. You could say that the signal amplifier will amplify the signal reception if you are experiencing a weak signal. But you must realize that a signal booster cannot solve reception problems caused by hardware, obstructions, and other problems inside your car. However a signal amplifier can solve the majority of cases of signal reception interference.

What You Should Understand About How Car Signal Amplifier Works

Picket Fencing

Picket fencing problem is caused by the presence of buildings that surround an area, or you’re in a dead zone, where you cannot find any signal. In general, dead zones are surrounded by buildings, hills, or other permanent obstructions, so that any signal amplifier cannot function properly there. Remember that you cannot strengthen the signal if you are not receiving any signal. This is the main reason why this device can not be a solution when you meet with the problems associated with the components inside your car.

How Signal Amplifiers Works

To understand the working system of the signal amplifier, you must understand how your car radio works. This understanding should be had before you move on to the next steps. In general, each tower transmitter broadcasts electromagnetic waves at a certain frequency, where the waves have been modulated in such a way to carry audio signals and video signals too. Your car antenna is tasked to capture the signals and send them to the head unit with the aid by antenna cable.

If the radio signals are too weak for your antenna, then you should install a signal amplifier that should be placed between the antenna and the head unit. Signal booster is an effective unit that serves to improve the signal with particular quantity and quality with the aim to be channeled towards the head unit. You can buy various signal boosters from conventional stores and online ones, and if you want to buy online, I will recommend you to buy from MyAmplifiers.

Head Unit or Antenna?

Basically there are two main parts that make up the signal receiver. In some cases, you may experience reception problems related to external factors that cannot be avoided; however, you must pay attention to the head unit.

Checking Car Antenna

In some cases, the easiest way to improve the signal reception is to check the car antenna. If you find you have loose antenna, then you must tighten it. If you have problem of rust on the base plate of the main antenna, then you cannot find another solution, except to replace it. Each antenna performance-related issue must be resolved by repairing or replacing. Once you get rid of internal problems then you can expect the signal amplifier works well.

Strengthening the Signals

If there is not any problem related to the antenna or the head unit, then you must think of the barriers or obstructions. Some obstructions such as buildings and hills interfere with the signal reception by blocking, reflecting, and discarding signals to different directions. Various permanent barriers will cause what called a serious effect, dubbed the “picket fencing” or multipath reception.

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