What Will Determine The Cost Of Your Android App?

With an 80% global market share of the Android OS, Android Mobile App Development in India and across the world sees huge scope and demand. If you are one of the many who plan to tap the huge Android market share by making an app, then it is necessary for you to ascertain the development costs your android app shall incur. Answering the following questions can help you do the same.

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How Complex Is Your App And What Will Be Its Scale Of Operation?

Will the app that you wish to build run on a complex set of back-end algorithms or do you wish to make it run on a simpler set of back-end algorithms? An example of a complex app would be a taxi-booking app while an example of a simpler app would be an app with static text. Developing the former kind will be costlier than developing the latter kind. In addition to knowing how complex your app will be, it is important to know how many users you expect to use your app? More the number of users, more maintenance your app will require to run smoothly, and more would be your app development cost.

Which Hardware or/and Version Your Target Users Are Using?

Are you building an app for Android Watch users or smartphone users? If your users are on smartphone devices, then which versions of the OS are they using? If your users are on more than one Android smartphone version and Android hardware, which is most likely to be the case, then you will need to develop compatible apps for all of them. Moreover, different versions and hardware are equipped with distinct features, that can be tapped for building an app specific to that version/hardware. If you wish to produce such distinctly featured apps for different versions and hardware, more costs shall be added to your development process.

How Urgently Do You Want To Build Your App?

You might want to have an app built for a soon-to-be-held event or in need of a problem-solving app for your organization to be built quickly. In such scenarios, the cost of building your app will go up. Moreover, for the accomplishment of such a time-bound app development project, you would require to hiring a rapid app development company. Such a company can either code your app from scratch in your required short time limit or build your app using a rapid app development tool. With the former route of development being costlier than the latter one, you may want to choose the latter route but, however, it is important to note that a rapid app development tool can only be deployed if a URL of a functional website that can be converted to an app, already exists.

Who Is Building Your App?

A high-end app development company based in a country with a higher cost of living will cost you a lot more than a developer team based out of a country with lower costs of living. Thus, hiring android application developers from a country which offers an ideal mix of talent and lower cost of living, both, can help you get a development cost that is cost-effective for your project.

With the above factors in mind, you can gauge a fair idea about the development cost of your app and in accordance with your budget, take a suitable course of action for building your app.