What To Buy – Wired Phone Headsets Or Wireless Phone Headsets

Headsets have proved to be very useful and effective in handling calls from one’s associates, clienteles and customers. They also act as primary input devices in recording studios for direct product generation. However, there are different types of headsets, which are suitable for different types of work scenarios, preferences and settings.

So, you have to consider these scenarios before choosing one for your office. You have to contemplate factors like the stationary status of your employees, the extent of their free movement within the office, the total time taken by your employees to use headsets, etc. There are mainly two choices in telephone headsets – wireless telephone headsets and wired phone headsets.

What To Buy - Wired Phone Headsets Or Wireless Phone Headsets

Wired Headsets

If you use wired headsets for your business, then you will achieve high sound quality as well as clarity. Also, these headsets are less susceptible to electronic intrusion and radiation as compared to wireless headsets, since they have great capacity to handle building infrastructure and signal traffic. Wired headsets have direct connections to a computer and this helps them to avoid signal loss, crosstalk and poor audio quality.

There are no structures like furniture and ductwork interfering with their working. Wired headsets are also efficient in terms of their operation time as they supply power on their own with the help of cables, which makes it possible for them to last for a long period of time. These devices are cost-effective, in terms of purchasing as well as ongoing costs, and so they are appropriate for those businesses that have tight budgets and wish to have less expense.

Wireless Headsets

In case of wireless headsets, there is a greater degree of free movement and people can easily move away from your desks, whenever it’s needed. If you are within the reach of signal and there is no signal loss when you venture out of your cubicle, then wireless headsets are perfect for you. Nevertheless, these headsets require recharging or battery replacement for operating continuously.

There are two connectivity options in case of a wireless headset by Plantronics, i.e., Bluetooth and Infrared wireless. Both are suitable for wireless headsets in their own ways as Bluetooth uses radio frequencies for data transmission while infrared wireless experiences less interference.  In terms of hardware failure, wireless headsets are quite economical as you will be required to replace only a part of it instead of the whole system.

Reasons for Buying Headsets for your Business

Make sure that you find the ideal telephone headset for your business by carefully weighing both of the options, since investment in the installation of new hardware is costly. Also, it’s really important for you to understand the reasons for which you will require a telephone headset in your organization. They are as follows:

  • You won’t have to cradle a telephone handset between your neck and shoulders. This way, you will be able to avoid tensions and pressures in both of those body parts.
  • Both monaural as well as binaural headsets are available for business communication, which fulfill and meet diverse requirements and personal preferences. The only difference between them is that monaural headsets consist of a single earpiece, whereas binaural headsets consist of two earpieces.

Those who are unable to make any decision or desire for some particular aspects of earpieces and headsets, they can simply opt for earpieces with headband style or hybrid monaural (crossover) headsets, depending upon the situations.

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