What Should You Consider When Hiring A Software Tester

Before going live, a software has to be tested at various levels. It should perform well on different parameters and input values as provided by the user. Software testing is a profession that requires a lot of analytical bent of mind, accuracy, and knowledge in software testing. To perform the role of a software tester perfectly and efficiently, it is important for a company to look out for specific set of qualities and expertise.

What Should You Consider When Hiring A Software Tester

What is the requirement of Software testing in a company?

To achieve reliable and quality output from a software, it is very important to test its design and functionality at variable inputs and parameters.  Thus, the relevance and significance of software tester is of higher importance in the software development industry.

No matter how robust the software is developed by a developer, a software tester views it from the eyes of the user. He would figure out how intuitive, user friendly, easy to navigate, and functional a software is. He checks the performance of various buttons, and links, flow of the software, ease of browsing, and speed of the software to figure out what level of experience does it provides to an end user.

Keen eye

A good QA tester or Quality Assurance tester has to have a deep sense of responsibility and a keen observation to identify different types of faults/weak points that can exist in an application. He should have knowledge of what conditions and what areas in the software can lead to the occurrence of issues.

Better management of issues

Besides quick identification of faults due to their exemplary judgment capabilities and analytical skills, good management of the issues is also one of the important qualities of a QA.  An experienced software tester knows the best workable strategies that when implemented can solve the issue.

Excellent communication skills

For the best execution of software testing services, a tester has to have excellent communication skills. This is required because they have to understand the functioning of the software from the project developers and also explain them the variables or inputs for which the software fails to work. They not just have to be an active listener and possess effective communication skills but also a good negotiator to treat developer/team of software developers patiently without getting aggressive.

Programming knowledge

Programming is not just required by a software developer, it is also of a great importance to a software tester. This is because the tester has to manage the tasks and activities to run complicated tests. A QA tester should be well versed working with new and advanced technologies that are used by employees in IT sector. It will help in identifying failures in design functionality that can occur in the software.


Every company searches for a software tester that does not perfectly perform their job but also adds value to a specific development project. These tips will definitely give a clear perspective to a company to help them hire the right software tester for their job.