What Is Security Vulnerability Assessment?

With the vast majority of modern businesses completely reliant on their computer systems and networks to carry out daily operations, it makes complete sense to have some security measures in place.

What Is Security Vulnerability Assessment?

Many of today’s leading business and organisations are heavily reliant on their website and other online assets to drive business too.

All of these valuable assets need to be kept as safe as possible from persons, or organisations, of malicious intent! You must ensure that the operations of cyber criminals, and others with the similar intent of spying on your assets, must not have an easy job of penetrating your IT security systems.

But seeing as every organisation’s IT infrastructure is different, you can’t always be sure that a one-size-fits-all option will provide sufficient protection against both internal and external threats.

That being so, more and more companies are turning to security vulnerability assessments in order to seek out and identify potential issues. But what is security vulnerability assessment and how can it help protect your business from threats? Here to explain is one of the UK’s leading IT security consultancies Security Audit Systems.

What is an ITsecurity vulnerability assessment?

This is the process of identifying, quantifying, and prioritising the vulnerabilities of a website, computer system or network. Similar to a risk assessment and also known as vulnerability analysis, the process involves:

  • Cataloguing assets and capabilities or resources in a computer system
  • Assigning quantifiable value, rank order, and importance to these resources
  • Identifying the vulnerabilities and potential threats to each resource
  • Mitigating or eliminating the most serious vulnerabilities and threats for the most valuable resources

Whereas traditional risk analysis will look at identifying the risks surrounding a system, its design and operation, a vulnerability assessment focuses on both the consequences for the system itself as well as the primary and secondary repercussions for the surrounding environment.

A security vulnerability assessment is also different to a penetration test, as there is no active simulation of an attack against the system or network. Instead, it only identifies and classifies the vulnerabilities found.

How can a security vulnerability assessment help protect your business?

Enlisting the help of a security vulnerability assessment provider, such as Security Audit systems, can assist your business in a number of different ways, which include:

  • Having a list of low and high vulnerabilities that your computer system or network currently exhibits. With this information, you can see what impact such flaws can potentially have.
  • Identifying weakness that may be different or even impossible to otherwise detect. These are known as zeroday attacks or non-public exploits and often go unseen by automated scanners.
  • Giving you recommendations on how to change or fix the vulnerabilities to avoid future breaches of security
  • The fact that the security vulnerability assessment provider will not actively hack into your system, which means everything remains unaltered
  • The ability to improve overall business security through more effective investments thanks to evidence from an in-depth and detailed report

Is a security vulnerability assessment right for your business?

If you have any concerns about code or the server platform your website operates on, then it makes sense to enlist the services of a security vulnerability assessment provider. By finding out about any flaws or faults, you can then mitigate against potential threats before they have a detrimental impact on your daily operations.

To find out more information on security vulnerability assessments, get in touch with Security Audit Systems today. They have many years of in depth experience in helping business and organisations, large and small, to defeat the efforts of those with bad intent regarding their valuable corporate or other data.

Keep your information safe from unwanted prying eyes.

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