What Is Security Penetration Testing?

penetration-testSecurity penetration testing, or pen testing, is focused attacks by people or software to see how and where they can get into your systems. This can help you plug holes in your security plan and many companies do it on a regular basis. Most business managers and private individuals will not think about pen testing, but it is happening on a regular basis by the companies you pay to keep your information secure. This type of testing is used by everyone from government agencies to local banks and can be a real asset to your company’s security package. To find the right type of testing, you will first want to examine what benefits it will bring your company and where the best place to get pen testing is.

Why Do You Need It?

Security penetration testing can be more important for some companies than others. For instance, if you keep personal information on file, then you will want a stronger system than if you do not. Or in other words, a cash-only business will probably not need pen testing whereas a bank will. You might want to have your system tested once or on a regular basis and you may even want to have a comprehensive security solutions system in place along with your testing. All of this boils down to helping you answer the question of why, and how much, you need pen testing. If you are implementing a new security system, or updating an old one, then it is a good idea to include pen testing. If you have had a test within the last year with no major changes to your system, then you are probably okay to wait.

Where Do You Get It?

Penetration testing tools can be found with other security solutions packages through online firms. These companies will have a range of products and services to offer you including anti-virus and anti-malware solutions, network intrusion detection solutions and even endpoint security software. TO narrow down your options, it is a good idea to see which firms have the best reputation in the business. You can get referrals, ask for recommendations and read testimonials. You can even find reviews on third-party sites to see how the firm works with customers to overcome issues. Once you know which firms are the best at their job, you can narrow your list further by choosing which ones offer the best solutions and packages.

Security penetration testing can help you see where your system is the most vulnerable without it actually being at risk. This testing involves software, people or a combination of both evaluating your system and then trying to break into it. It is recommended that you have pen testing done any time you overhaul your security system or at least once a year for best results. Many online security firms will include this service with other security solutions packages so you can upgrade and test at the same time with live support. You can find this testing, and the firms that offer it, online by narrowing your options down to those with meet your criteria.

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