What Is A Virtual Receptionist?

Companies that intend to improve business efficiency can choose hiring freelance or virtual assistants. They can handle calling services and technical services as well. Therefore, hiring experienced professional virtual receptionists after verifying the past records and qualifications are a win-win situation for the company.

Medium and small businesses can’t afford to hire a full-time receptionist to attend all the calls originated from customers. You may also be obligated to maintain round the clock receptionist in your office. increases business spend and reduces your profits. You can hire an automated response system to meet business needs. But it will just send an automated recorded message to the customer. It will not give a personalized feeling and heart touch. Missing an important call means a lost business opportunity. Therefore, hiring a virtual receptionist is cost effective and helps to maintain good rapport with the customers by timely answering the calls.

What Is A Virtual Receptionist?

The virtual receptionists greet the customers with a polite and sweet voice to delight the customers and improve prospects of your business.

It means a live person will attend the calls without disclosing the location. It appears to the customers that a customer care executive is sitting right in your office all the time. You can always get connected to the customers to give a personalized message to the important customers wherever you are.

When Busy

If you are busy and could not attend calls, the virtual assistants will not let the calls connected. It keeps you undisturbed and answers all of the calls during your absence. You can focus on other business tasks with a peace of mind. It saves your valuable time and reduces spending on answering calls.

Hire Friendly Virtual Receptionists

Not just polite but a friendly conversation is a necessity to retain the existing customers and to convert others into potential customers. You need to estimate the costs, time of operation and choose a best receptionist for your business. It reduces the wait time for your customers.


You will pay only for the calls attended and duration of the call.

It effectively saves your money because you need not pay for lunch breaks, tea breaks or gossips. You need not even pay for any benefits, sickness or taxes. You will be freed from downtime. It gives a more professional touch for the customers. A professional receptionist will attend calls, send detailed information, accept orders, and schedules important appointments. Advanced technologies can be leveraged to improve the efficiency of your business.

The virtual receptionists should be qualified and relevant to your business. They should be competent to handle your business calls and provide a correct resolution. One can hire services only for the specified time. It is necessary to verify the credentials of the assistants before staging a decision to hire for your business. Make a call to the past employers to check their commitment and reliability. It helps to safeguard the details of your customers. It is an absolute necessity when hiring an assistant for your company.

How to Hire Virtual Reception Services?

Many companies are offering virtual reception services. You can approach a reliable company for hiring a reliable and efficient receptionist for your business. They will check the testimonials and background of a receptionist. It frees you from all of the worries. Negotiate the payment and straightaway hire a receptionist after specifying your requirements and time period. You can also hire an independent receptionist through job ads. It reduces your payment to the virtual assistants.

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