What Flavours Of E-Liquid Are The Most Popular?

Any e-cigarette enthusiast can tell you that one of the benefits of vaping—as opposed to smoking tobacco—is that your vapour comes in a variety of flavours. While flavoured tobacco has been popular, particularly in the Fertile Crescent, for thousands of years, the taste of tobacco always dominates the palate—not to mention, the adverse health effects of tobacco smoke are well-documented. As with anything that comes in variety, some e-liquids sell better than others, and first-time e-cigarette smokers looking to start with a pleasant-tasting vapour would do well to consider purchasing a tasting palate of the e-liquid flavours that are most popular among experienced vapers.

What Flavours Of E-Liquid Are The Most Popular?

The Popularity Contest

The most popular e-liquid flavours can be divided, roughly, into three categories: fruit, tobacco and dessert. It seems that most e-cigarette smokers have a sweet tooth that responds well to airborne glucose. Other flavours based on popular beverages also sell quite well, with coffee- and even whiskey-flavoured e-liquids holding their own against their sweeter cousins.

When it comes to fruit-flavoured e-liquids, by far the most popular are blueberry and green apple, although many e-cigarette enthusiasts find themselves enjoying coconut- and banana-flavoured vapours. Some vapers even mix their e-liquids to create an aerosol cocktail of flavour reminiscent of an inhaled fruit salad. The trick with fruit flavours is to find ones that are crisp, like green apple, and taste fresh enough that you might think you were biting down on a crunchy Granny Smith instead.

Smokers accustomed to the rich, earthy-tasting notes of various tobacco varieties—whether that means Virginia tobacco or the ancient strain used in Turkey—will be pleased to know that most flavours of tobacco are available in e-liquid form. One particularly popular e-liquid is enhanced with a hint of caramel.

If you love your desserts, then vanilla-flavoured e-liquid might be just the thing for you to start inhaling. In fact, e-cig connoisseurs looking to expand their flavour experience mix vanilla e-liquid with other flavours to replicate various popular desserts, such as combining vanilla with coffee to produce a vapour that tastes of affogato.

Where to Buy?

The sheer variety of e-liquid flavours can seem overwhelming at times, which is why you should buy your e-liquid online from a reputable retailer. The best of these have a website with an extensive library of flavours and options, with varying levels of nicotine concentration to ensure that you’re inhaling vapour that’s exactly as strong as you want it to be. You also want to buy high-quality clearomisers, which monitor the amount of liquid left in your package, so you’re getting the full e-cigarette experience. Of course, with anything as personal as your individual palate, what really matters is how the liquid tastes to you, so your best bet is to always try flavours out for yourself. If you’re spoilt for choice, opt for an online e-cigarette company that sells tasting samples in bulk so you can try each new flavour for yourself in a small amount. That way, you don’t have to commit to smoking a full batch of a flavour you dislike, and you’ll be taking advantage of a generous bulk discount.

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