Useful Tips On Starting A Business Website Without Spending Much

Building a corporate website can be a hard and costly affair, especially if you have to make it attractive and interactive. It can get harder if you have to optimise your website but you lack the technical know how or skills to do it. In most cases, hiring a professional web developer and an SEO expert to do the job can cost a fortune if you are starting out on with limited financial resources. However, there are certain strategies one can use to create your business website without breaking the bank.

Useful Tips On Starting A Business Website Without Spending Much

  • Crowd Source your Website’s Design

Designing a website alone requires some substantial financial resources even without factoring in the programming and development work. In order to save some money at this early stage, you need to think about seeking the services of a crowd sourcing company that can offer a broad range of sample designs. The company will only charge you for the select design only and prices often range in the hundreds of dollars.

  • Try to Get all Services from One Company

However, you will still require the services of a developer to transform the template into a working site. If perhaps you are based in Manchester, you need to look for a trusted web design company in Manchester that offers both crowd sourcing services and web design services. You might get a better deal when you get all the services from one company.

  • Barter your Services

If you are aware of any website developers or designers personally or you belong to an association of professionals in the same field you can consider inquiring if they might be in for bartering. For example, if you deal in professional services like legal assistance or you own a store or restaurant, some experts might agree to partially or entirely in trade.

  • Use Existing Design Templates and Themes

In case you’re not all that concerned about having a website design that is completely original, you can save some money by opting to use a premium or free theme for the platform of your choice. This is a popular option that works well with many blog tools. Trusted companies that offer these services have thousands of themes to choose from. If your business happens to be located in Manchester, you can check Red-Fern to learn more about the kind of themes or web design services that a trusted company has to offer.


As mentioned before, there are certain strategies you can use to launch an attractive, interactive and optimised website for your business start-up without spending a fortune. All that is required is that you need to know where to find the right services when starting out. In many cases, you can do some of the things on your own-that is if you have the technical skills. But if you don’t have the skills, you’d better seek the services of a trusted company in your area to do the job for you. Of course, you have to keep in mind your budget limits and discuss this with the service provider you choose.

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