Use Of Social Media To Promote or Sell Property In India

In the recent times, most of the property dealers in Noida or the property brokers in Noida are using the social media as the most efficient tool for promoting and selling the property they are handling. One of the most commonly used sites employed by them is Facebook. Facebook not only provides with highly cost effective ways of promoting and selling real estate but also provides them with the largest collection of buyers one can hope for.

Some of the top practices for using Facebook as a social media tool in the world of real estate are:

  1. Connecting potential clients
    Facebook has millions of viewers worldwide. They have the largest number of active members and more than a million new users join Facebook each day. Thus, the chance to meet potential clients in Facebook is much higher than any other mode of promotion. Moreover, the clients can personally talk to the property dealers in Noida or the property brokers in Noida which can be beneficial to both parties.

Use Of Social Media To Promote or Sell Property In India

  1. Communication is maintained
    One of the main agendas in the to-do list of the property brokers are to constantly promote their property and hope to attract clients with it. In the real world, creating advertisements and promotional newsletters tend to be quite expensive. In Facebook, one can easily post on their page and every person who is connected to the person can see it. This is a much more cost effective way to keep regular contact with potential clients.
  2. Integrating Facebook in the existing marketing scheme
    Although Facebook is a very efficient platform, but it is wiser to start off the marketing in an offline manner, most preferably as a newspaper advertisement. Once that is done, one can provide the same to Facebook and see their business grow.
  3. Posting ads on Facebook
    Posting ads on Facebook is very important. These ads get circulated by the users and thus the news spreads like wildfire. The property dealers in Noida or the property brokers in Noida can easily find clients using these ads.
  4. Maintenance and creation of professional image
    This is very important as if one cannot maintain their professional image in front of people, they will tend to lose potential customers much easily. Facebook is a great place to create professional images as one can post ads, talk personally and clear doubts of people.


Since Facebook is a vast network of people and corporates, it is one of the best places one can avail to promote their products. It gives its members immense reach and one can easily say that more the reach, better the chances of acquiring clients. Each and every broker can create their own personal profile as well as a property profile which can be easily maintained. The personal profile helps them to contact personally with clients whereas the property profile is the platform

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they can use to constantly promote real estate. All in all, using social media to promote and sell real estate is one of the best methods available for the purpose.

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