Use Of Mobile Applications Create Revolution In Health Care Industry

Healthcare industry has seen a complete shift in terms of diagnosis, treatment, and preventive approach inferable from the technology advancement. Mobility has influenced the healthcare industry revolution with several healthcare mobile apps development in aid of care providers, patient support, care tracking and monitoring, and more. Besides, the applications are helpful to access therapeutic data instantly even without physical presence, enable live assistance for the patients to a certain extent, accelerate room check-in procedure during an emergency, medication reminders and alerts, apps and wearables combined to track health traits, and more.

The health apps have created an impact on the lives of the users in many ways. We find metrics for heart rate, calorie intake, weight, the amount of volume in lungs, and more which could be recorded and displayed on a chart for investigative reports. The available data helps the healthcare professionals to increase the quality of life of the people.

Use Of Mobile Applications Create Revolution In Health Care Industry

The studies show that 96% users find the apps quite helpful in improving the quality of life. The users doing a daily workout or the exercise track their health record, manage the chronic conditions, help the professional to have a clear understanding of patient’s medical condition by analysing the shared data.

Managing a healthy lifestyle has become simpler and well-organised for both the patients and the health providers.

Benefits for Healthcare providers:

  • Health care professional’s are well informed with the patients’ condition.
  • Increase the efficiency in the mode of treatment with more sensitivity.
  • Increases the professional bond with the patients.
  • Provide medical access for the ones who are at risk of developing health issues.

Benefits for patients:

  • Encourage patients to be more responsible towards their wellness.
  • Easily monitor the workouts and health activities.
  • Monitor and be aware of the existing health conditions.
  • Keep a track record of exercise and related data.
  • Keep a balance in weight by periodic check.
  • Share the data with the doctors and care providers.
  • Reminders for proper intake of medicines.

An overview of Data gathering:

The gathering of data depends on the user input and the device itself. The health apps are entirely different for a patient, aspiring triathlete and others. Whether it is a smartphone or the wearable, the device must be able to capture the data irrespective of the user. The smartphones are provided with internal sensors like camera, digital compass, gyroscope, accelerometer, GPS, microphone, and, etc., to monitor the data of the users. The wearables measure the heart rate every day and display on the mobile screen. Fitness trackers measure sleep and the tracked data advises to have a better sleep, tracks the calories burnt per day. The mobile phone technology has emerged with a full potential to revolutionize the clinical research and promises the accompanied therapies to be executed, and manage the complex tasks in the years to come.

If anyone looks at the Apple’s App Store or the Google Play, he may find hundreds of app under the tab “Health and Fitness”. To mention a few they are My Fitness Pal, Equinox, Pocket Yoga, and more. And the appreciable thing is each app is getting more easier and simpler to use as per the users’ demand. We find a thousand of smartphones and wearables namely Fitbit, Apple Watch, Apple Gear, and, etc, which could be paired with health apps.

The health apps are concerned with the preventive health measures, maintain a person’s health records such as test data, allergic compounds, incompatible drugs, lifestyle, and so forth. The fitness apps are involved in tracking the physical activity of a person, transform the sedentary lifestyle to an active lifestyle to an athletic lifestyle.

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