Unlock The Microsoft Lumia 640 Smartphone For Free

Finally some good news for those users who have locked Microsoft Lumia 640 smartphone. In this short article we will provide you with all info that you need to successfully conduct the unlock procedure. Our method is quite simple but at the same time extremely efficient. Do not worry about anything, because this is the real deal, there is no false information and there is no need to use unreliable and banned hacking methods.

Unlock The Microsoft Lumia 640 Smartphone For Free

To conduct the unlock Microsoft Lumia 640 you do not need to be a rocket scientist. The lock removal is done with a special software tool which you can download completely for free from our official web site links. The tool can be installed on your laptop, PC or tablet and the only requirement for the procedure to work is to use USB cable to connect the Microsoft Lumia 640 with the device on which you will install the unlock tool.

Permanent Unlock Solution for your Microsoft Lumia 640

If you own locked Nokia Lumia 640 then you are probably not satisfied with the condition imposed by your network carrier that bans you from using different SIM cards from different operator till the contract expires.

But do not worry because there is a solution to this issue and there is nothing complicated about this.

Our development teal has created a special unlock application that can remove the network lock of your Microsoft Lumia 640 directly from the database of the carrier, completely for free.

Microsoft Lumia 640 Unlock Guide

If you no longer want to be restricted and obliged into using the network services of only one carrier, then we have the solution for you.

Just follow our short step by step instructions and you will unlock the Microsoft Lumia 640 mobile phone in the shortest time ever:

  1. Begin by downloading the unlock tool on your PC from the download links bellow
  2. Install the application on your PC
  3. Connect the locked Microsoft Lumia 640 and PC with USB cable connection
  4. Start the application
  5. Enter the required info in the provided fields. You will be asked to provide the IMEI code of your Microsoft Lumia smartphone and the network operator to which it is locked. (note: if you do not know the IMEI code, just dial the number *#06# and it will be immediately shown on your smartphone screen)
  6. Press Unlock Now
  7. The unlock procedure will take several minutes till it is completed
  8. Once finished, the application will generate unlock code
  9. Once you have the code, restart your Microsoft Lumia 640 and once prompted enter the code it is
  10. you have received
  11. After you have entered the code, the device will be unlocked and you can use different SIM card from different operator without any restrictions