Undersatning Your Instagram Followers

Perform a simple google search on ‘Instagram follower’, you will find a load of different topics popping up. From celebrities doing weird stuff, like doing back flips or doing shots to celebrate their huge number of followers milestones, to tips and tricks to increase your Instagram follower base. But the top of the list is usually a website or two offering to sell Instagram followers. The location of these sites, their actual presence in the scheme of google search, on top of all results, including a Forbes article titled “50 Free Ways To Increase Your Instagram Followers” is quite a surprising fact!

Undersatning Your Instagram Followers

This revelation gives us an insight into the workings of the Instagram World. Let’s enumerate the top most obvious things what we learned from this search result;

Huge follower base is a major pro in Instagram world

Well, to be honest, it is the whole point of Instagram. What is the use of going through the trouble of creating an Instagram account if you don’t intend to share your posts with as large a following as you can manage? Unless, of course, you are an intensely private person; and intend to use your Instagram account to share family snaps and videos, with immediate friends and family only. But in that case, you will not be using Instagram to its full potential. This is the tool to publicly acknowledge your life and talents; make sure you use it accordingly.

Users will do anything for more followers

An average Instagram user is present on this social communication platform to connect. And to connect effectively Instagram users need more followers. The more followers and likes you get, the better your chances of getting your posts on popular searches get. And the more popular posts you get, the more followers you will gain. This is a cycle of related actions and reactions that need to happen. And to ensure that this cycle does not stop Instagram users will do anything. And gaining more followers is vital for the continuation of this cycle.

Publicity gimmicks do help in increasing followers

Remember the Ice bucket challenge, it was not a publicity gimmick, rather it was a successful attempt to attain more funds to help the ASL research. But for an average Instagram user, it was a perfect way to gather more attention and followers. Nowadays, it is the Mannequin Challenge that has taken Instagram by storm; it has practically everyone from Destiny’s Child to Hilary Clinton participating in it.

But following ongoing trends is not the only gimmicks users apply. We have witnessed some quite bizarre posts to entice more followers. From accidental head shavings to doing 100 shots to celebrate 1000 followers, or all the recent hilarious memes to ‘document’ current US Presidential elections, Instagram followers do follow the most outrageous posts and profiles quite happily!

Followers can be bought

And last but certainly not the least, Instagram followers can be bought online. In fact, by the looks of it, this is quite a booming trade. If an Instagram user is not satisfied with the rate at which his or her followers are growing, the new followers can easily be bought. The customers even have the option to choose from among non-active followers and active or real followers.

This is some interesting facets of Instagram followers’ trends that you will be fascinated to get to know.