Uber and Duolingo Joined Hands To Request An English-Speaking Driver

Are you planning to fly over the seas to the great land of America? Is your sole purpose to exploring the sights of the country? It is a great. But there are chances that you might change your plans only for one reason – language gap. When you land a country where the language is entirely different than yours, it gets real hard to communicate. I have heard stories where travelers had to face troubles all because of the language barrier. And for those their travel becomes their sin.

Keeping this in mind, recently Uber and Duolingo join in hands and updated the mobile application. As the application is rather new, the language they are offering is English only. They gap still remains. But it is best hope that they will soon end this gap as well, and add languages for the non-English speakers as well.

The features of this new update include a certified English-speaking driver for the travelers. If a registered Uber driver wishes to take an English speaking exam, he/she can pay a fee of $20 and get oneself enrolled in the Duolingo Certification Exam. This exam will help the driver to reach the tourists requesting an English-speaking driver.

As for the Uber users, when they start the application they will see UberEnglish, as an option. The users will also see a small car all covered with an American flag.

Uber and Duolingo Joined Hands To Request An English-Speaking Driver

This new update adds value for all the three i.e. the Uber, Duolingo and the tourists.

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Mobile applications have been developing very fast. With no needs to bring in heavy travel guide books or a need to hire a guide, there are a huge number of mobile apps to make traveling easier than ever before. These mobile apps are developed for all the operating systems.

Benefitting the travelers, these applications are also benefitting the mobile application developers as well. A mobile application development company can either choose to launch their own new app or they can be contacted to ask for a new mobile app development.

Don’t forget to try this new feature on Uber when visiting the USA, and it might give you some idea to have your very own mobile app on the Play Store or the iTunes.

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