Types Of Passive Network Attacks

Network security is the most important thing in IT network management. Network security starts with authenticating the network resources to securing data internally. There are several network security issues and solutions that are being outsourced IT support Toronto.   The most common factor that affects network is spyware and malware. There are other types of security threats such as data theft, forging and hacking of data.

Types Of Passive Network Attacks

Network authentication is one of the most outsourced managed IT services Toronto. As security features have to be strong and need special skills to maintain data security and network security. Toronto Outsourced IT support carries out the task in most effective manner thus securing important information and maintaining integrity as well. It requires high cost software that might cause high maintenance cost. There are two types of network attacks they are active and passive attacks.

Passive Attack:

It generally refers to the physical form of attack and this involves wiretapping, port scanner and idle scan.

Wire Tapping

Wiretapping refers to monitoring of network lines and intruding by listening to conversation or recoding it in an illegal way. It can happen when there is lack of security in the server lines. This means the server is prone to attack. It is therefore advisable to secure the network lines by authentication.

Port Scanner

Port scanner is nothing but software that is used to observe the network without the knowledge of others. It is possible to hack all the important data such as internet banking details and other details. Multiple request are sent to different hosts in order to find an active host that will be a gate through for getting inside the network and scan the data. This just scans for open ports.

If an open port is identified it can be used to inject virus or other malware to hack data from the server. Ideal scan is a transaction control protocol method of transmitting data in the server to find which system is available. The term zombie is referred to the system that is used to accomplish connection and transmitting packets by duplicating another system.  This method of sending wrong data packets to the system is a method of hacking.

By using these techniques data can be stolen and can be used for destructive purpose. If one region of server is hacked it will be easier to destroy data from all other places in the server. It is easy to inject viruses once a connection is established. There are several methods of securing systems from such passive attacks. The best way is to secure the ports with proper authentication. It is important to identify such vulnerable ports and fix them with proper authentication. IT is always recommended to install firewall and protect malwares. There is possibility for passive attack through one system as well. This may happen with or without the knowledge of the user. Hence it is advisable to blacklist the websites that are known to cause malware attacks. It is most common to restrict downloads on individual systems thus preventing the download of malicious software.

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