Tricks of the Trade: Helpful and Easy-to-do Tips to Help You Sell Your House

If you’re one of those people who’s en route to selling your house, it’s inevitable that you’d be searching for useful tricks so you can get the right amount of money for your property. It’s true that you should make the necessary home improvement, but it’s always good to have something else up your sleeve.  

If you’re planning to sell the house yourself, you have more work to do. You have to improve your house’s look, and you have to market it to potential buyers. To help you balance all of the things that comes with a pending house sale, here are tips which you can use so you’d have a more comfortable time as you sell your house.

Home Improvement

Tricks of the Trade: Helpful and Easy-to-do Tips to Help You Sell Your House

Here are the things that you can change in your house to help you sell your house for a reasonable price on the market.

  • Improve the ambiance of the house.

Buyers will get discouraged if they see a rundown and gloomy-looking house. Before listing your home up for sale, you have to make sure that it looks fresh and clean for the next owners. Focus on these two major areas which will surely make a difference.

Refresh the bathroom’s look by adding a frame to the mirror on the wall. If your toilet’s still okay, you can replace only the toilet seat and lid. You can also add shelves for bathroom items. Upgrade the light fixtures, so your bathroom looks better.

For your kitchen, you can paint it with a new color palette, and you can add cabinets where the new owner can store kitchen appliances and utensils. You can also put up new countertops and backsplash. The kitchen is a major selling point, so focus your home improvement in this area.

However, don’t spend too much on renovations because you might end up using more money than you’ll get out of the sale.

  • Let the buyers see the house features.

Your buyers can’t examine the walls or furniture as thoroughly as they may want if you’ve stored too many photos or mementos on it. Remove family photos from the walls and small items on tops of the cabinets so the buyers can examine these areas.

Clean up excess clutter and junk in the house. How can the buyers see the entire room if dirty clothes are blocking the view? It’s also bad for business if the buyers know that you’re untidy, or if they smell unpleasant odors. It can lead them to the conclusion that you’re not taking good care of the house.

Include the closets and other storage spaces when you’re cleaning because you’ll never know where the buyers will go snooping around. Do your best to organize everything because this can impress potential buyers.

Marketing Game

Check out these tricks on how you can single-handedly market your house and sell it for a worthy price.

  • Advertise prominently

Make use of free online sites where you can list down your property and let people know that it’s for sale. You can also post on your social media accounts because you’ll never know if a neighbor is interested in acquiring your property.

You can also hand out flyers and leaflets if you want, or ask for permission so you can stick on wall signs. You can also put up ‘For Sale’ signs around the house, so people who’ll pass by will know that you’re selling your house.

  • Use upgraded technology

Technology lets people become more innovative in all fields, including real estate. If you want to add a distinct twist to your marketing strategy, you can use a drone to get footage of your house. It can provide you with an aerial view, and it can also show the surrounding property.

It shows more than the usual pictures, and it’s not common for people to see a house from an aerial point of view. If you’re not that tech-savvy,  sites like bombbomb.com can help you stay ahead in the market with fantastic drone shots of your house.


Selling your house requires more than the usual renovations. You have to think of unique ways that will get a buyer’s attention. It’s essential to focus on the kitchen and the bathroom because there are major selling points in any house.

You can use creative ways of advertising your house so that people will get curious and see the house for themselves. You can also use new technology so you can offer more for the potential buyers.