Top 7 SEO Principles For Building And Optimizing Your Website

If you are in business you need a website. You not only need a website you need to create a website that works. The first thing is to make sure the website builder you use is SEO friendly and creates lightweight websites. The website builder should also be easy to use. It should be designed in such a way that even people with no coding knowledge can learn how to create a website  in a few simple steps.

One of the leading reasons why new websites and old sites fail to rank high in the competitive virtual world of the internet is that website owners do not place emphasis on the fundamental principles that can make their websites worthy and attract the attention of Google.

Top 7 SEO Principles For Building And Optimizing Your Website

Think about these seven principles for optimizing a website:

What Search Engines Are Looking For

  • Requirement of search engine – these requirements are very fundamental. With the widespread use of internet, simple business plans and functionality features are outdated, there are new requirements that you have to focus and these are: marketing for social engine, user experience design and usability, marketing using social media, accessibility, and content and being mobile all the time.
  • The use of consistent domain name is another fundamental principle to keep in mind. In general it is most suitable to avoid duplicating URLs for the same page. Search engines are more often than not smart enough to find the duplicates and try to decide the “official” version; however, do not rely on this feature and it is best to have single yet unambiguous URL for your page. For SEO reasons, it is tidier for others to utilize your domain URL instead of using the longer home page one when linking or sharing to your site.
  • Optimizing the website for multiple social media platforms. Various social media platforms are utilized for increasing rankings and optimizing website. These days, it is more significant to make sure that the contents can be embedded across several social media channels and not just on your own site. Through the social media, sharing is made easy and accessible to lots of social media users.
  • Create accurate titles for web page. Titles are created to best represent as well as describe the result and then make it clear how it is related to the query of the user. Normally, Google do the generation of titles automatically based on the information you will give them. Therefore, provide accurate information as much as possible.
  • Creating unique and engaging contents must be done on regular basis. People visit the internet to read and know something (aside from gaming online). If you will make and upload new and unique contents on regular basis, more and more readers will be attracted to read your site and this can drive your web traffic and hence the ranking. In addition, search engines love to see new and unique contents.
  • Website images must be optimized and relevant to the content. The mantra that an image is worth a thousand words still holds true in a website. It is like show rather than tell – an effective way to communicate.
  • Readers want to navigate a web page easily, conveniently, hassle-free and fast. In this case, the design of the website must give this into account. The page must load fast; the tabs and other navigations should be easily understandable. You want to give your readers with great time spending their time looking at your site.