Top 5 Best Free Android Apps

The month of April and May was particularly rich in innovation, Few new updated apps on your android smartphone, Wonderful stuff on Google playstore is free. The giants such as Google or Facebook are particularly activated this month. Here is the top of the best applications, You can surprise your friends and obviously it will help you to make your life easy.

Meerkat (Beta): Live Streaming to Everyone

The meerkat is not dead. Meerkat for Android is out of beta on Google Play, The application is capable of broadcasting and follow live streaming any event is back. For those who do not know, Meerkat allows to broadcast live streaming events you are attending. But  you can’t just suddenly also follow the event broadcast by other users of the application. The application is free. A try at all costs, this is the app of the moment.

Top 5 Best Free Android Apps

Google Handwriting Input

Everything is in the title or almost. Handwriting Input with Google (or Google Handwritten Writing) you can replace your keyboard with a handwriting as if it were on paper. A bit like a Galaxy Note 4 for example. You can use a stylus or just your finger to write your SMS, Mail or any other medium. And honestly Tablet is a treat. However, if you have a smartphone with a screen that is not less than 5.5 inches, It is a bit complicated without a stylus.

Nevertheless the application really is pleasant and highly successful since it recognizes 82 languages. The handwriting recognition is impressive. And as is Google, obviously, it’s free.

Office Remote for Android: Control Your Presentations as a Leader

Microsoft is definitely convinced of its future on Android devices. After finally made ​​available the Office suite on devices running on the Google OS, a new application has  made ​​its entry: Remote Office. With this application you can transform your Android smartphone or tablet into a real remote control your PowerPoint presentations.

You can also have your notes and comments posted on your device to be even more discreet with your anti-dry. Not bad, right? Plus, it’s free.

Swoosh: For Better Presentations

Remote Office, and then there was Swoosh. For a “Wow” effect guaranteed for your presentations this is the app for you. Just download the small software prior to your Windows computer, Mac or Linux.

Then it will download the application for Android. And then you can control your presentations simply through hand gestures. Really impressive and it gives a really new effect in an exercise that is often seen as boring.

Facebook Hello

Facebook Hello, you necessarily heard. The new Facebook application is intended to replace the phone application on your Android smartphone. Nothing less. The app has some assets to succeed at the game, including the ability to screen calls even when the ignition is not in the address book. It recovers actually the Facebook user’s data from his phone number. Another important asset, it displays an impressive amount of data, such as the location of the caller and other personal information.

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