Top 5 Apps To Monitor Your Kids’ Smartphones Activities On Android

The Internet has greatly evolved. However, there are numerous dangers on the cyberspace, which affects users regardless of their age. In today’s world, it is difficult to stop children from using tech-gadgets such as smartphones. These gadgets have access to the Internet and all the dangers that lurk in it. Cyber bullies, pedophiles, and other malicious individuals have infiltrated the cyberspace, making it even more perilous. Rather than completely preventing kids from using smartphones, the parent whose kids have Android gadgets can use the following five apps to monitor the smartphone activities of their young ones.

Top 5 Apps To Monitor Your Kids’ Smartphones Activities On Android

1. Norton Family Premier

This is an exceptional parental monitoring application, which offers excellent sifting tools that are helpful in tracking the location of the kids wherever they are away. It sends the parents real-time reports concerning what the children are doing on their smartphones. The application has distinguished itself as a comprehensive monitoring tool. It also gives parents who have several kids the ability to monitor multiple devices. Norton Family Premier also has web filters, which enable parents to lock access to questionable websites. Besides its unmatchable location tracking features, it is easy to configure and can also block malicious apps.

2. Kids Place

This is an all-inclusive monitoring app. It has unique features, which include a custom-made home screen that only displays parent-approved applications. It has received critical acclaim for its ability to thwart any attempts by the kids to download or buy new or unapproved apps. Also, there is a one of a kind time feature, which specifies a schedule that ought to be adhered to by the kids as far as using their smartphones is concerned. This helps them create time for their books and other useful activities. The app’s ability to block calls from malicious individuals is similarly commendable. An instinctive user interface makes it possible to block applications that are detrimental. It also has a feature that masks profanity, more so on unrestricted websites.

3. PhoneSheriff

This application manages applications, monitors texts and tracks the kids’ location. These features make it a must-have for parents who want to have total control over the mobile phone activities of their children. PhoneSheriff is an inimitable app, which provides parents with tools that they need to monitor and manage how their children use their phones. It offers a robust array of features, which makes it comparatively easy to install and use. It is a handy tool particularly to parents whose kids are in their teenage years. Parents can review any applications installed by their children. This means that they can block those that seem to be unsuitable. Texts sent from the children’s phones are monitored with the purpose of preventing communication with questionable individuals. There is a distinctive geo-fencing feature that alerts parents whenever the children go beyond specified areas. Additionally, the app is available at $89 per year, which is quite affordable.

4. MM Guardian Parental Control

The application goes a long way to ensuring that kids sensibly use their smartphones. This is made possible by the presence of a diverse array of management tools. The application can be managed and organized to allow remote monitoring of kid’s activities. Parents can thus be kept updated about the web pages visited by their kids. This gives them ultimate insight and control over the kids’ phone use. From the comfort of their offices, parents and guardians can limit the device functions of kids’ smartphones. At the same time, downloaded apps can be disabled. Parents act as admins and thus have the ability to restrict websites that might be detrimental to the youngsters’ development.

5. Lock2Learn Limited App Manager

This application offers a cost-effective and pragmatic way of controlling access to applications on kids’ Android devices. In as much as the app is not meant for monitoring alone, it deserves a special mention due to its matchless platform that monitors and educates. The app has a tutorial, which challenges the intellect of the kids through English and mathematics quizzes. The user interface can be altered to suit the needs of each child according to his or her age. Lock2Learn allows parents to restrict access to certain apps. The time that they are online can also be tracked to ensure that it contributes to their social and academic development. The educational twist incorporated by the app’s developers makes it stand out from the rest.


Fuse Crunch Tech News reports that the web has become a scary place. This makes it necessary for parents to put in place measures to protect their children. Shielding them from the Web’s dark side goes a long way in determining the kind of adults they grow into. The presence of parental control applications for Android devices makes it necessary for all parents to ensure that whatever calls, chats and downloads made by their kids are monitored. The children’s Web security greatly determines their general wellbeing.

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