Tips For Limiting The Exposure Of Radiation Subjected To When Using Your Cell Phone

At the World Health Organization, scientist’s claim that by using your cell phone, you place yourself at a higher risk by participating in use of a carcinogenic hazard which is listed in the same type of category as lead, chloroform and exhaust from your car’s engine.

The fact of the matter is, there really has not been enough studies done yet to actually determine what the long term effects are of the use of the cell phones but you can make it so you are at less risk of ruining your health by following these simple tricks and tips.

Tips For Limiting The Exposure Of Radiation Subjected To When Using Your Cell Phone

Tip 1: Phones Come Wired for a Reason

You should know that there is a reason as to why phones come with a wired ear piece. By using a wired earpiece, the amount of radiation you are exposed to is lessened because you are not holding the phone directly to your head. For each inch that you get between you and your phone when in use is better to keep you limited on the amount of radiation.

Tip 2: Use Radiation Cell Phone Cases

This is a new trend that is becoming more popular as people start to realize that the cases can be trendy while maintaining your health. These cases range in cost and will vary on style and availability depending on the style and type of phone that you have.

Tip 3: Try To use the Speakerphone

This can be annoying for not just you but for the other party on the phone. The problem with using the speakerphone is that it muffles who is talking and who is hearing. You can talk to someone on the phone and sound clear as day however the person might not hear you properly or might miss something that is being said. The plus side however is that it cuts back on the small amounts of radiation you are being subjected to by holding it up to your head.

Tip 4: Use Bluetooth Just Not All the Time

What you might not know is that a Bluetooth earpiece is still submitting you to levels of radiation. It however is smaller levels of radiation but keeping it in all the time and in use all the time is still not good for you.

Tip 5:  Avoid Too Many Radiation Hot Spots

Did you know that if your phone is always connecting and reconnecting to a cell tower it is sending out higher levels of radiation? When your phone is constantly connecting to the cell phone towers, it is sending out the radiation frequencies each time that your phone has to connect and reconnect to cell phone towers.

Tip 6:  Don’t Talk to Someone but Instead Text

If you spend your time texting someone instead of talking to them, you limit the amount of radiation that you are being subjected to. The radiation being used while sending a text is much less than the amount of time that you will be exposed to when talking on the phone. Think about sending a text next time instead of picking up the cell phone to make a phone call.

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