Third Party Maintenance Service Providers Offer Better Value and Superior Support

Technical problems with the equipment that you use for daily business activity can negatively affect your progress. In case of an outage, the business fails to work as intended. Based on severity, the trade will cease all the revenue generating activities. According to studies, businesses lose a huge amount per hour, when the equipment is not functioning, which is not likely to be recovered.

Third Party Maintenance Service Providers Offer Better Value and Superior Support

Moreover, your staff members may have to spend time to rectify the problem. In case, they do not have the right expertise, it will cost you productivity and time. Therefore, it is prudent to decrease the downtime by employing 3rd party maintenance professionals. They have experience and can analyze and fix the issues much faster than your staff.

You can extend the life of the telephone systems with regular monitoring and maintenance.  Going for a 3rd Party Maintenance is usually considered risky by many. However, it is not the case. Although OEMs (Original Equipment Manufacturers) certainly have some key benefits, 3rd party maintenance providers are capable of giving superior support at reasonable price. They can also provide quality and customized solutions unique to your business. They give a better combination of service level agreements, maintenance options and pricing structure.

Advantages of Third Party Maintenance Services

  1. Price – You can compare the service of equipment to car maintenance. If the repair works are covered under warranty, then the dealer repairs your car. However, if it is not under any warranty, then it does not make sense to make a premium payment, just for routine maintenance. This is because you can find an expert mechanic, who provides high-quality work at significantly lesser amount.

The same holds good for the maintenance of telecom equipment as well. Using a third party service provider can reduce monthly expenditures by almost 40% – 60%. Therefore, this is a great way to streamline your finances.

  1. Single Service Provider – If you have several OEM service contracts then you would be confused as to whom to call in case of an outage. However, in case of third party service providers, all the equipment is under a single contract, so you know whom to get in touch with.
  2. Multi-Vendor Support – 3rd-party maintenance providers service products from multiple manufacturers unlike OEM technicians.
  3. Flexibility – The agreement by OEM providers is standard and does not offer flexibility like third party providers. Besides offering an array of choices on the response time and coverage day, they also feature co-term contracts. This allows the companies to adjust the termination dates of multiple contracts.
  4. Unbiased Assessment – The primary goal of OEM is to sell an equipment rather than service older equipment. Therefore, they incentivize companies in order to purchase by escalating repair cost. However, 3rd-party providers do not have this kind of conflict, as their main aim is to service the device.

The engineers of third party maintenance providers are certified to service the equipment of multiple manufacturers. They also provide Avaya  support, as they have high level of expertise. If you want increased productivity and support for your telephone networks then opt for these services.

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