Things You Should Know About Hoverboards

Hoverboards appearance is same as that of a skateboard but there is a difference in terms of their working. Skateboard have wheels at the bottom that move us further and same is the case with hoverboards but the difference is that in skateboards you have to use your legs in order to push and move forward but hoverboards are provided with electric motor that uses battery as fuel to move forward. In short, hoverboards are smart skateboards. Hoverboards are the ones on which you don’t have to use your legs to move. It is basically controlled by your balance and feet movements.

Today many companies are there who are manufacturing these hoverboards there are many new devices that work in the same way as these for example a segway. Though segway have handles and bars which you can hold but in case of hoverboards you won’t find any kind of support. These hoverboards are made to use on smooth surface but there are hoverboards that have bigger wheels and powerful motor using which you can move on elevated and highly elevated surface with its full weight capacity. You can check hoverboards review at http://www.besthoverboardreview.net/.

Things You Should Know About Hoverboards

In October 2014, a hoverboard company hendo announced that they are working towards the prototype of new generation hoverboards which will hover at approx one inch height from the ground. This new hoverboard works on the hover technology that is been developed by its parent company called as Arx Pax. The basic concept of this hoverboards is magnet repulsion. This hoverboard can be driven over specially lined copper floor. This technology is same as the new and advanced high speed trains which keeps them away from touching the track.

When the announcement is made, another announcement is made saying that this hoverboard will cost around $10000. Another new type of hoverboard is launched by a car manufacturer Lexus with super new technology. The prototype of this new hoverboard is powered with liquid nitrogen cooled superconductors and magnet. This hoverboard use magnetic levitation along with an awesome combination of liquid nitrogen and semiconductors.

Hoverboards are the ones on which everyone on the planet is showing interest. Many companies are working towards the technology that will make them friction free and within the budget of a normal customer. So we hope a normal customer soon will be able to purchase these hoverboards and these will be a personal way of travelling for each person.


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