The Smarter Way To Transfer Files from Computer To Kindle Paperwhite Without Any Hassle

Transferring files from computer to kindle is not a hassle anymore as you don’t have to make bunch of emails to do that. All you will need is the connecting cable that connects Kindle paper-white to computer as external hard drive.

The transfer can be done from any windows and Macintosh computer using connecting cable but it does require some technical specifications. The windows version of the computer must be of 2000 or later ones and for Macintosh it must be Mac OS X 10.2 or later ones.

To Connect Kindle Paper-white with Computer:

First, switch on your computer and paper-white device. Now plug in one end of the USB connector to your computer and other end to your paper-white device’s USB port.

The Smarter Way To Transfer Files from Computer To Kindle Paperwhite Without Any Hassle

In kindles, the USB port can be found in the bottom corner of it. Connected device will appear like an external drive and the device battery will start charging itself. Also the Wi-Fi service will be turned off automatically in that device for that time being and the device will not be in readable mood. This status will continue until you eject the device from your computer.

Now use the drag and drop method to transfer files from computer to kindle just like the way you do for any external hard drive or pen drive. Also make sure that you drag and drop the file into the “Document” folder on the paper-white device or else the files will fail to appear in the home screen.

Amazon Kindle technical support offer excessive support for kindle users with transferring files from computer to paper-white device.

Transfer Files when Kindle is in Compatible Mood:

If your kindle shows that it has been connected to your computer in compatible mood than transferring files will be little different.

Connect it with your computer using the USB connector cable and it will appear as an external drive as soon as your PC recognizes it.

Now double click on the appeared drive to access the folders in it. Now open another window from which you want to transfer files. Use the normal drag and drop method to transfer files between these two windows but remember to drop the files into the “apt” folder of kindle.  And for document and text folder, drop the files in “Document” folder. Copy-paste method will work for transferring files into the document folder.

Once you are done with transferring the files, eject your kindle device using accurate eject device steps.

What if you Face Issues?

If you face any issues with accessing these two methods then you need to subscribe guidance from expert advisers. Customer services have experts who can deal it with these issues easily due to their extensive experience and training. Their service packages are quite cool and you can find toll free Amazon customer service phone number to contact them easily. Services are open 24×7 with all their offered subscriptions and technologies.

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