The Power Of Individuality In Education – Boost Your Confidence

Your teen comes home back from school loaded with homework and you choose not to help them; that is a good approach and line of attack! Some teens find a way to take help when it is completely unnecessary. The concept of homework is to make sure that the teen understands the concept of the lectures and discourses that are taught in their school. Home work is supposed to give a practice session to the teen; making them aware of whether they got the point of the lecture or the lesson today or not. And if they take more than a little help then their basic functions is not being fulfilled and achieved. Teens often avoid homework or project, as they fail to understand and realize that it is for their own good. Too much homework can actually cause the brain to stop functioning because of excessive stress and strains, but a little exercise at home will not hurt anyone. As parents make sure that your teen is completely up to the mark by making sure that they themselves are conducting it, based on their own knowledge and understandings. A little guidance and supervision taken from parents is completely acceptable, reasonable and normal, but sitting with them throughout the work or project, making might create disturbances in the learning process of your teen and leaves no room for improvement. Apart from that, it is the obligation of the parents to remove the dependency, which has been created from the very beginning. There will be a time when your teen will be ready to leave your abode, so make sure you pamper them less and allow them to be independent especially in terms of education dynamics. Do let them know that parents are available for their assistance and guidance throughout, but not always! It is the teen themselves that will have to make choices for their own good and betterment.

The Power Of Individuality In Education - Boost Your Confidence

Home Environment

As a parent, you should enable your teen to do the house chores themselves. This will initiate and inculcate the feeling of responsibility and liability which will be of quite a benefit in terms of educational spheres. Make them do their dishes themselves, let them make their bed when they get up and similarly all petty house chores should be allowed to carry by the teens themselves.


Let the inner self of your teen come out when they are on the verge of completing their assignments. Their creativity, inventiveness and innovation will be exposed if they are made to do their work all alone. Let them complete their allotted research paper on time with their own dedication and on their accountability.


They should be given autonomy on certain issues. They should not be granted the same at an intense level or completely, but as mentioned earlier they should be given the right to intervene at some points, their say should be highlighted and their opinions should be signified.

Decision Making

Impart the values and skills off envision making. This will make them more liable and responsible and they can learn to analyze the pros and cons of a given situation which is in turn quite helpful in their educational setup.

So if you are looking forward to enhance and elevate your creativity and innovation within the educational dynamics, make sure you emphasize on individuality rather than group work tasks. Teens can be offered with some assistance at the very beginning of their allotted tasks, but it is essential to give them leverage and influence on their own projects making them more structured and self-reliant for the rest of the future.

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