The Importance Of Social Media Marketing

When I was fifteen, I, along with four adults, curated a marketing company to help small businesses grow through Social Media Marketing. When the idea for our company, POP Marketing, came into play, I was instantly apprehensive. My co¬workers would not be teenage girls like I was, they were grown men and women in their late thirties! I asked them why they contacted me ¬ out of all people ¬ to invest in this company. They explained that they admired my skills in marketing myself.

Let me explain, my passion is not marketing. My passion is makeup artistry. I have a YouTube channel with about 100,000 channel views that I use to broadcast my talent and teach other people my skills. I initially created my account to reach out to my family in friends in Austin, Texas (my hometown) because I had to move to San Diego, California for my father’s job. My father is in the United States Navy and loves what he does for the country ¬ but, his passion is business. As I’ve grown up, my father has consistently taught me all the economical and business skills he learned when he went to college. This heavy business influence always taught me to market myself and my skills. With this, the Social Media Marketing I’ve done for myself because of my YouTube channel has gotten me jobs for San Diego Comic Con doing makeup for The Walking Dead, among other professional projects.


The members of POP Marketing noticed my vigorous posts and creative marketing skills and decided to contact me. They admired my videography skills and artistic talents and decided to invite me to join the team. My father was hesitant, knowing the rarity of small startup businesses actually surviving. He also believed that I was young and unable to comprehend the logistics behind Marketing, ROI, and all that business¬type stuff. Being the strong¬willed rebel that I am, my goal was to prove him wrong. I paid my investment and started on one of the most exciting experiences of my life.

As the youngest co¬creator, I provided most of the creative, aesthetic aspects for the company and in return I gained knowledge an ROI increases for small businesses as well as other general marketing and business skills. When we began our company, our goal was to help small businesses develop an online presence by developing brand consistency across several social media platforms with a cohesive message along with consistent communication to their target market.

At first, I was confused as to why a company would need to pay someone else to just post for them, to me it came naturally. As I became more experienced with the topic, I noticed the new generation of small business owners had absolutely no time to be posting on social media. Social media is now the key way that businesses interact with their clients and customers. Businesses would come to us and ask us to help increase their online presence, which in turn, would help their business grow.

Although I would’ve never guessed Social Media Marketing would be my calling, it is. Everything I’ve learned, and everything I’ve taught others has helped me immensely in areas that I would’ve never guessed. My knowledge of online marketing and ROI has helped me further develop my own “brand”.Now, in my senior year, I hope to pursue business and marketing at a four¬year university. This scholarship would help my family and I exceptionally. I hope to extend my knowledge to younger girls as well so that millennials are not ignorant and uncomfortable with trying new things. Without trying my hand at marketing, I wouldn’t be where I am today with the knowledge I’ve gained.

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