The Importance Of 42u Server Rack Cabinet?

The 42u server rack cabinet is probably the most common form of data center racks used in data centers. They are standard width and length, and are available in a number of standard vertical heights. They are usually mounted on rails and have cable management arms in the back that allow you to gently pull the server out of the front of the rack while it is running, without unplugging any of its cables. This lets you service many components while the server is powered on or do more major work while the server is powered off.

Safety measures of 42U Server Rack 

42U server cabinets are the top-notch technological equipment in use the world over. The cabinets’ possess quality significant to any technological expert. First, they orchestrate a better performance compared to other cabinets. The tool is 76% perforated to ensure there is a continuous inflow and outflow of air. Secondly, the cabinet contains a sufficient room for growth in that; there is space adequate to add several racks to ensure more installations can be made. This is coupled with removable and lockable side panels, which provide easy access in times of maintenance.

The Importance Of 42u Server Rack Cabinet


On the maintenance scale, the cabinets are easy and quick to maintain. This is due to the fact that they can be easily accessed and the racks can be customized to suit the interest of the purchaser.  In addition, server security is guaranteed since the cabinet comes in with side and door locks. Further, the door locks contain the potential to upgrade to other heavily secured locks. The glass doors are vital since they can be customized to increase safety.

This provides safety to the expensive equipment to be put in the cabinet. Consequent upon this, the weight of the cabinets is manageable and will be needless to employ heavy machines and personnel to carry. It is close to between 1000 to 1500 pounds considerable in technology. Moreover, there is a fan assembly kit that comes in handy for the perforation and regulation of the temperature within the cabinet. The removable cable slot on the top and bottom side ensures there is free movement and flexibility in transmission of data and information. To the purchaser, the cabinet is always available in the market and is not a production for extinction in the near period.


One small disadvantage of 42u server rack-mounted servers is that they are densely packed with various components, which can make them a little more difficult to service and somewhat harder to cool. Because of this, 42u server rack cabinet typically have a number of loud, small-diameter, high-velocity fans that pull cool air in through the front of the chassis and push the resultant hot air out of the back of the chassis. This is why data centers are arranged with alternating cold aisles and hot aisles between the server racks. The cold aisles have air conditioned cold air flowing up through holes in the raised floor of the server room that flows into the front of the server and then exits out through the back of the server. The hot aisles have air returns in the ceiling where the warm air rises and then exits the server room.

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