The Growing Gallery Of Ios Apps For Users Is Incredible

Since the launch of the first Iphone in the year 2007, the world of mobile phones has not remained the same. With the burgeoning sales year after year, it is not a secret as to how popular the Apple product has become in the past few years. The technological advancement in the phone is incomparable to any other mobile handset in the industry as put by the loyal users. Also commendable are the iOS custom operating system from Apple and the iTunes for all the applications that anyone can download to their phones. Regularly there are plenty of updates and new apps added to the roster of already high number of apps.

The Growing Gallery Of Ios Apps For Users Is Incredible

iOS Applications and usage

With the arrival of the new iOS 9.3 there is a new buzz in the market among the Apple users who are always awaiting the launch of the new softwares. The virtual enigma, that the operating system and the accompanying applications, are for the common people make it hard for them to stay away from it for long. Applications are basically mobile system programs in mobiles that can assist the user in doing several things like sending e-mails, chatting, browsing, booking tickets, video calling, entertainment and many other things without a need for using laptops or desktops. The iOS Application is a renowned bunch of apps that come with the iPhone, iPod, and iPad.

The multiple apps that come in the app store iTunes have various features that make life easy for the users. There are innumerable tasks that can be easily taken care of by these exemplary apps are something to behold. Loyal users can tell you that such brilliant functioning and most useful programs add a zing to their daily life. Below mentioned newly added features are sure to blow your mind while using the new Apple operating system with updated iOS apps.

Better News App

Everybody likes to be aware of what is happening around them and also on the broader perspective. A news app is the best means to know about the day to day updates in the world of commerce, politics, geography, entertainment, and sports. With the improved news application in the iOS you can have a better experience as a whole. The smooth editorial curation adds a new feature to ‘For You’ tab in the form of Top Stories. Also catching the attention is the addition of new gestures that can help you save or share your choice of stories with friends and acquaintance.

Lock your Notes

Nothing can be compromised with when it comes to privacy and the latest update to the iOS Notes app is something that you will surely cheer. Now you can secure the individual notes by touching the lock under share icon that comes in the latest 9.3 iOS. The user is free to lock the notes using both a Touch ID and password. This has now made the notes app a very viable choice for the Evernote and OneNote app already popular in the market. Definitely a great addition for the security concerned users.

Night Shift

More a feature than an application, still a great addition, the Night Shift is a gift for users who like to stay up late and use the phone. It takes the color of the screen at night towards the warmer end of the spectrum to provide a good night’s sleep to you. User can set it for auto mode with sunset and sunrise.

iOS Apps Development

Just like any market, the Smartphone world is also dictated by the terms of better business sense. Heavy sales of iOS through iPhones and iPads meant that more and more people started using this incredible equipment and thus the need to develop apps that can meet such demand. This made business sense for the developers who are interested in getting more value for their efforts. In order to keep the users engaged the developers and company not just promote the new apps but also makes regular iOS application updates to provide smooth functioning. The competition from fellow operating systems is also a good motivation as it does not let the guard be down from any of the competitors.


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