The Best Self-Defense Flashlight  

Flashlights in 2016 are not just a simple light that can only be used to light up your way to the basement; today’s flashlights are multi-functional tools that can be helpful in any kind of situations. One of those multifunctional features on a flashlight is the self-defense mode. Most flashlights of 2016 are made so that the customers can carry the flashlight into their pocket and use it in their everyday situations.

The Best Self-Defense Flashlight

Most people don’t believe that a flashlight is capable to be a self-defense tool but don’t get fooled by those false statements. Today’s flashlight that are armed with more than 500 lumens and are highly powerful and can neutralize any kind of potential danger that is threatening your life or your family’s life.

How to use a Flashlight for Self-defense

Many people are wondering how a flashlight can be used as a self-defense tool when flashlights aren’t that handy. Like I mentioned above in this article today’s flashlights are made with a smaller body structure which makes them handy for everyday usage and compactable to be carried in your pocket or in your car. The human eye is very sensitive under a very powerful light and because flashlights are the only gadgets that are capable of producing a larger lumen power they are ideal as a self-defense tool that can neutralizing humans and animals within seconds.

How to choose the Perfect Self-defense Flashlight

There are many flashlights out there that have the self-defense mode into their features but most of those flashlights are not that efficient. In order for a flashlight to be classified as the perfect self-defense flashlight it has to fulfill certain conditions. Those conditions are: a larger lumen capacity of 1000 lumens and a very durable material. There aren’t many flashlight that fit this description but the one flashlight that that fulfills all conditions is the Lumitact G700 tactical flashlight.

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Lumitact G700 Military Grade Flashlight

If you are familiar with flashlights then you must know the G700 flashlight. This flashlight is one of the best-selling flashlights of 2016. This flashlight isn’t very known as a self-defense flashlight but within the featured modes on the G700 military grade flashlight the self-defense mode is available. With a staggering power of more than 1000 lumens this flashlight is capable of neutralizing any kind of potential danger within seconds form flashlight the flashlight into their eyes.

In case of close encounter with your attacker you can take advantage of the indestructible material that this flashlight has. The G700 military grade flashlight is made with an aircraft aluminum which is very durable under a large pressure. Recent test have been conducted on this flashlight to prove its durability. The G700 was ran over by a car and surprisingly the flashlight wasn’t damaged at all and it was still capable of working. It is a fact that this flashlight is very durable and you can easily use it as a self-defense tool in close encounters.

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