Some Extraordinary Features of Commercial CCTV Cameras

In case, you are thinking about installing new CCTV cameras or to upgrade the existing ones, there are few important things that you should note. There are few key features of commercial CCTV cameras that you should seek out as a businessman. This guide will brief you about the features that commercial CCTV cameras must possess.

Some Features

  • Megapixel/IP

If presently you have analogy security cameras installed in your facility, you may have access to limited features. Analogy camera doesn’t provide you feature such as digital zoom. This feature lets you see clear image with the help of megapixel technology.

In such cases, you will not be able to zoom out the image and may miss out on one or other intruders. However, analogy cameras are also good on the account of their design flexibility and price, but as a businessman, you should go with megapixel/IP commercial camera having more functionality and superior quality.

This feature is not only used for your business, but also for your residence. There are various companies offering web ready CCTV for home Abudhabi at good prices. You can choose any such company and can get CCTVs installed at your facility.

  • Vandal Resistant/Weatherproof

Usually, businesses need good coverage in outdoor areas such as parking garages, parking lots and loading docks. In some parts of the country, weather is usually rough and therefore weatherproof cameras are more useful in such cases. Henceforth, as a businessman whenever you choose a commercial CCTV camera for your office, keep this point in mind.

  • Infrared Capability

Some cameras available in the market have what is called as ‘night vision’. This means these cameras have capability of capturing pictures when there is not much light. This is because these cameras have infrared illuminators, which transmit light over 100 feet away and help in creating light in dark places. You can buy CCTV camera Dubai since those cameras come with this feature.

  • Remote Video Monitoring

This is a good way of managing your business from a distance as it lets you oversee entire business activity. It lets you keep a close eye on what is going on in your organization. You can easily keep a check on intruders and your workers, so that security and safety doesn’t get compromised.

  • High Definition Cameras

This feature provides you high definition pictures thereby providing you a clear view of whatever is happening at your facility. Higher is the resolution of camera, better is the picture quality. The highest picture resolution available in commercial security cameras is 1080p. You can pick a resolution depending upon your requirement and budget.

  • Motion Detection

This feature records footage by detecting motion. These motion detectors work by transforming real motion into electronic signals. Herein, passive sensors record by recognizing body heat and thereby detecting motion. While ultrasonic sensors transmit ultrasonic waves and measure changes caused by moving object. You can pick any of these technologies based upon your requirement.


Hope this guide will brief you about technology features available in commercial CCTV cameras.