Software For Law Firms

While software cannot create a profitable and efficient law firm on its own, it can help to achieve optimal results, to minimise errors and costs, and to maximise results and profits. Whether you run a personal injury firm, an online conveyancing business, or you manage the marketing team for a multinational and multidiscipline legal firm, finding the right software that complements your vision, your requirements, and your team members and practices will help to ensure the best possible results for your organisation.


Attracting new leads, nurturing them from initial exposure to contract signature, and convincing them to return, is as important a part of running a successful law firm as any other aspect of the business. Without clients, there are no cases, and without cases, the business will not remain profitable or feasible even in the short term. Law firm software can be used to track leads, to automate marketing communication and follow up, and to provide business insights that can enable you and your team to determine new angles and new pools of potential clients.

Software For Law Firms


It isn’t just your leads that need to be nurtured, of course, and the modern law firm client not only wants but demands and expects regular communication. If you keep clients happy, then they are not only more likely to return to you when they need your services again, but they will also spread a positive word about your firm, which means that you could win additional business on the back of solid and regular communication.

Business Intelligence

Like any good business, a law firm needs to know where its strengths and weaknesses lie. Team leaders, department heads, and the accounting team can certainly help, but with modern and efficient law firm software, you can run a massive range of reports in order to detail everything from your biggest fee earning partners, to the types of client that are most satisfied and that provide your business with the best results. Such reports can drive the success of your firm so that you enjoy even better results in the future.

Workflow Management

From conveyancing to probate, and from customer relationship management to invoicing, there are certain aspects of running and maintaining a law firm that follow routines and patterns. Identifying these, establishing accurate workflows, and then communicating those workflows, while also automating some of the steps involved, can increase profits and reduce expenditure while also improving morale, ensuring that work is finished sooner and with fewer potential problems, and minimising costly errors. Law firm software can be used to help identify workflows, to initiate out-of-the-box workflows, and to implement your own customised workflow practices.

Full Practice Management Software

While it is possible to invest in software that performs tasks for a specific team or process within the firm, for example legal firm accountancy software, investing in practice management software not only means that you can enjoy the benefits of all of these features and more, but it means that they are properly integrated. Your business, like your law firm software, will run seamlessly as a single unit.

Legal practice management software from Redbrick Solutions offers advanced but intuitive accounting, CRM, workflow, and compliance features. Enjoy greater profits and reduced workloads for your firm.

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