Smart Options For The Proper Parcel Delivery Is Useful Now

The companies now ship your parcels not only nationally, that means within Germany, cheap and safe and fast. With them you can also send parcels abroad. Also for the international parcel delivery apply our usual favorable conditions including parcel insurance and parcel pickup. Try the “World Package” to ship packages abroad!

Smart Options For The Proper Parcel Delivery Is Useful Now

Calculate the Shipping Price Online and Send Parcels Abroad from Home

If you want to ship parcels abroad, you can order the parcel shipping from the comfort of your own home. In the online shop you will find the price for your parcel shipment abroad with our product under the respective destination country. Alternatively, you can also use the “World Package” option in our shipping calculator. Both the product pages and the shipping computer, the commissioning of worldwide parcel shipping is directly possible. Thanks to our on-site collection of parcels, you can ship parcels abroad without having to take a step outside the front door. For the cheap international courier services these are the essential options now.

  • Shipping parcels abroad can sometimes be expensive. So that the worldwide parcel shipment does not become more expensive than the parcels that you ship abroad, you should carefully check the shipping prices and shipping conditions for foreign shipments. For example, if you want to ship heavy or bulky packages abroad, you’ll be surprised by our low shipping prices. A package to Belgium, which weighs up to 31.5 kilograms and does not exceed our maximum dimensions, you send, for example, for less than 30. Use our world package to send cheap parcels abroad! Fort the best service of Postage to Spain you have to be careful now.
  • In order to make a quick decision when choosing the right parcel or courier service, the companies offers the client companies the freedom to choose the cheapest provider from a list of suitable service providers on the basis of parcel dimensions and weight as well as delivery type and speed. In addition, it is possible to increase the transport insurance with a click on a shipping value.

With parcel delivery, you can send parcels and parcels cheaply and simply in all over Austria in our more than 1,600 parcel shops.Of course, all shipments are Hermes parcel shipping also insured. The liability amount is high for packages at the current value of the items.

When shipping parcels with Hermes, you can also benefit from our low online prices: You save up to 10% of the normal price if you fill in your parcel label online and print it out yourself. Use our online package form for this. You can then conveniently hand over your consignments in a company in your area. These are the things that you will have to be careful about.