Slowdowns That Can Occur In Business And How To Deal With Them With Technology

Today’s business world still has slowdowns regardless of industry but luckily technology has been created to deal with some of these slowdowns. Making certain processes more efficient allows staff to work on their actual job instead of inputting customer data or checking manually to see if a product is in stock. The most important thing that a business can do is to assess where they think they could be running things more effectively. After this has been assessed a plan should be created in order to address these issues with technology. The following are slowdowns businesses can encounter as well as how to find fixes via technology.

Seasonal Slump

Seasonal slumps do happen in certain businesses so launching a large digital marketing campaign before this time comes is important. This can help quell some of the slowdown by increasing the exposure the company has to its target demographic. Another way to help is to use an email blast to announce a sale that goes on during the time where business is usually slow. A restaurant for example might have happy hour all day on Tuesdays if that is their slow day in order to pick things up.

Sales Team Is Not Closing Quality Leads

Tracking open rates of emails as well as putting a client questionnaire on a company website can help the sales team close sales at a higher rate. The client questionnaire will help the salesperson understand why the client is interested in the company. This will help the person refine their pitch and possibly leave out certain products/services due to the client knowing what they want.

Too Many Systems To Input Data Into

There seems to be a plethora of platforms whether it is an inventory system or CRM. A quality management solution software can help with this immensely by consolidating these platforms into one location. Not only does this help with optimizing productivity but it also allows a full view of what is going on with a client or a large order. Having to login to multiple platforms a day simply is not the best way to do business especially if you constantly are forgetting passwords that are changed routinely.

Customer Complaints On Social Media/Review Websites

Handling customer service via social media and review sites can be far more efficient than dealing with each customer on the phone or via email. Most of the time when a customer has an issue with something they just want to be acknowledged and have it made right if they feel like they have been slighted. Retaining customers that have had a complaint is far easier if you respond immediately rather than after a few days as the anger from their experience could be simmering. Set alerts on the company social media accounts and pages for the business on review sites. This will alert you when someone has reviewed so go respond whether it was a positive or negative review.

Technology can be used in a plethora of ways to take your business to the next level. Take time to see what tools are available now as new tools are created daily to address common business obstacles.