Simple But Powerful Strategies For Branding Your Personality On Social Media

Simple But Powerful Strategies For Branding Your Personality On Social MediaThe Internet is flooded with many articles explaining the value of social media, and the usual tips on social media branding for businesses, companies, and especially small start-ups. However, personal reputation online is the basis with which other corporates may decide to do business with you. According to the 2014 Edelman Trust Barometer, 65% of online users use web search to learn about people and companies. According to 92% of marketers who spoke to the 2015 Social Media Marketing Industry Report, social media is the most important resource for showcasing information about individuals,

Clearly, if you’re an agency owner, apart from branding your agency, you also need to begin the process of self-branding on social media. This also applies to freelance professionals, as vouched by top online marketing experts in Australia such as Think Big Online. Here are some useful tips.

The Right Platform Matters

It used to be that you only had Facebook and Twitter to consider for your branding goals. Now, the ‘alternative’ platforms have suddenly become mainstream – people have attained popularity through Instagram, Tumblr, YouTube and even Reddit. A broad approach is not exactly helpful when you’re starting out. However, Facebook is still the king when it comes to numbers, giving you access to potential billions. If you’re not on Facebook, you might as well not be on the Internet. The advertising opportunities are incredibly well-developed, and it’s really easy to share content and make it look beautiful. Twitter is tricky, but great for round the clock instant content, as well as serving as a customer care channel.

Keep your Creative Content Consistent

You can’t have a brand without imagery – including your logo, brand name, choice of colours, and even profile picture. All this must be consistent across social media platforms, and instantly recognizable. You need to have the same colour palette, style language, and other influences across channels.

Your Content must be ‘shareable’

Your content must not only be meaningful, but also ‘shareable’. People should feel the need to press the Like and Share buttons – this can only be achieved through a strong emotional reaction that triggers this response. To do this, check your competitors for cues, especially in a niche market.

At the same time, the stuff you share must have your personal branding on it. Important aspects of shareable content include humuor, emotion, and even sex appeal based on the target demographic. But what you actually share – blogs, images, videos, GIFs, plain sentences, all depends on what your audience actually likes. At the same time, images drive social media across platforms, especially on low attention span channels like Twitter and Instagram.


A one way broadcasting strategy only works if you’re a news channel putting out hourly bulletins. Instead, to “socialize” your brand you need to work with influencers to create that buzz, and then participate in the discussion. Your tonality should be thoughtful, positive, constructive, and proactive, no matter what the situation. You can take insights and opinions to make audiences feel valued, but don’t forget to show off your expertise.

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