Should I Upgrade from Galaxy S6 Edge To Galaxy S7 Edge?

The current users of Galaxy S6 Edge are really curious to find out if they should spend so much money on Galaxy S7 Edge or not. Let’s see if Galaxy S7 Edge is worth buying or not.

Should I Upgrade from Galaxy S6 Edge To Galaxy S7 Edge


Galaxy S6 and S6 Edge boasted a totally new design which was entirely different from its predecessors. Galaxy S6 Edge looked beautiful with metallic frame and curved glass on the front. The new Galaxy S7 Edge is not much different externally from Galaxy S6 Edge except the rear glass is curved so that you can hold it more comfortably. The camera hump is extremely lessened too in Galaxy S7 Edge. The Galaxy S7 Edge offers 5.5 inches screen whereas the previous model had a 5.1-inches screen. The resolution and screen quality is same in both the phones. The Galaxy S7 Edge took a big leap as far as battery is concerned. It jumped to 3600mAh from 2600mAh. It can give you a full day without charging which was a dream for the users of Galaxy S6 Edge. The new phone also offers SD card slot so you can easily expand your phone memory. The other great feature introduced by Samsung Galaxy S7 Edge is that you can even swim with it for thirty minutes.


Galaxy S7 Edge has upgraded to Snapdragon 820 processor in the U.S and Exynos 8 octa-core processor in rest of the world. It also offers 4GB of RAMwhereas Galaxy S6 had 3GB of RAM. The shocking thing is that Galaxy S7 comes only in 32GB internal storage whereas, Galaxy S6 offered 64 and 128GB internal storage options.


The Galaxy S7 runs on Android 6.0 Marshmallow. There are a lot of great changes in Marshmallow software. It provides better color palette and beautiful animations. Although Marshmallow is a great change but it will be available for Galaxy 6 Edge users soon too.

If you don’t fancy the S7? Right now the only phone we can recommend is the LG G5 thanks to its modular design and removable battery. No other devices really come close, maybe the iPhone 7 can come close later in the year.


You would not notice many changes as far as performance is concerned on both the phones. The new phone is a little bit faster in opening the apps though.


The Galaxy s7 has dropped to 12MP from 16MP in order to get larger single pixels. The lens is faster than the previous model. Both the phones take beautiful photos and you cannot actually tell the difference between the picture qualities. So you shouldn’t upgrade the phone just for the camera as there is not much difference as far as the picture quality is concerned.


Although there are not many huge changes in the new phone but the Galaxy S7 Edge would definitely bring a difference in your everyday life. If you are ready to spend the money you can enjoy the full day battery life of the new phone as we all know that the battery life of Galaxy S6 Edge was horrible. The other plus point of the new phone is that it is waterproof. If you are ready to spend $300 to $400 after selling your current phone then you should definitely go for it. The new phone offers a bigger screen, great battery life, SD card slot and a waterproof phone. If you think that these things are beneficial for you then do invest in the new phone.

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