Setting Up Retargeting Ad On Facebook

In order to explain it with simpler words we will use an example to work with. For the example, we will pretend that we are setting up a bew remarketing campaign for some web-site about marketing software (to set the topic) and will call it MMM. And these are the steps to be taken to set up a great campaign for MMM.

1) Creating a List

First of all create a list of leads to retarget to. In MMM you need a list based on two criteria: 1) their lifecycle stage, 2) their interests basing on the topic of the most recent download. If the list appears to be to big, move to the step 2.

2) Upload the List to Facebook’s Audience Manager

According to the info provided by ICM Consulting after creating a list you can then export the .CSV file and afterwards import it directly to Facebook’s Custom Audience manager in order to match up email addresses with Facebook Profiles.

Setting Up Retargeting Ad On Facebook

3) Determine Your Destination URL

In order to create a new successful campaign on Facebook, you need to hit the green button named “Create Ad” which is in the top right of the ad platform home screen. This will help you choose an objective for your campaign. It is very important here to include a UTM tracking code to help you track success and attribute all the clicks and conversions from your campaigns. After you enter your URL to promote, you need to rename your campaign.

4) Segment the Ads

At this level, you need to select your custom audience which was uploaded earlier and then set the geographic location that you are willing to target. Depending on the buyer personas, you can also segment them by behaviors, interest, sex, age, and other any demographic settings to get even more targeted.

5) Set Up Your Budget

Before even beginning your campaign, create a set budget for the paid tactics, broken out by channel. For most Facebook campaigns, experts advise to set a lifetime budget for all the length of your campaign, and then simply monitor and adjust it accordingly.

6) Create Your Ad

For every ad you can have up to six images to be associated with it, which means that you are able to test which ones perform the best and so get the most people to click and convert. It is very important to be absolutely clear and concise about your positioning because the headline underneath the image should only have the following details:

Image size: 1200 x 628 pixels

Images may have just 20% text.

Static images are rejected.

Under “Advanced Options” you are able to write a News Feed with description up to 200 characters in order to explain your ad better.

Now you can just click the green button with the name “Place Order” in the bottom right of the screen.

According to the ICM Consulting reviews the five steps described above are actually the easiest way to create a retargeting ad on Facebook. Now all you need to do its to check it from time to time and reap the fruits of your labour!

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