SEO is Not Hard

A step-by-step SEO Tutorial for beginners that will get you ranked every single time

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SEO is Not Hard

SEO In One Day

what they’re doing  Online Marketing .

Article Writing Services

Well, if you are directly or indirectly associated with Search Engine Optimization processes then you may know that in SEO, good quality links are your currency, acquiring which remains the main objective of the professionals. When it comes to generating quality backlinks for a website then amongst several types, our SEO professionals include article links in their must-do plan.

How SEO article writing is different from Normal article writing?

Well, in theory – not much. The only difference is that, normal article writing is done focusing the target readers only, where SEO article writing is done to impress both human and search engine crawler.

One of the new age highly effective ways to boost your website’s rank faster is link wheel creation, which can only be done with high quality original content, where links of the content stay connected with each other. And such content can be in form of articles, blogs, press releases etc.

Bluetooth 5: The existing Bluetooth 4.2 will be replaced by Bluetooth 5 which means that the range will now be 120 meters and the speed 4 times than before. The download speed now is up to 2 MBPS which is twice as faster.

Smartphone Wallets: Virtual money now does not only mean paying with your cards but making use of your smartphones as well. Wallet apps let you transfer funds and pay for any kinds of services that you want to use. With increasing use of such apps, even the small stores are shifting to virtual money instead of cash.

Virtual Reality: This is the next big thing in the world of technology and 2017 is just the start. There are various headsets that have been released in the market and an increasing number of people are opting for it every day.

These above mentioned features are certainly some of the best mobile attributes that account for a change of trends this year.