Samsung Galaxy: Hackers Easily Take Control Of 600 Million Devices

Hackers can easily break into Samsung Galaxy phones and spy on the entire life of their users. Samsung has several ranges in its catalog. The most popular of all, it is obviously that of the Galaxy S and it is not surprising because it comes to lie on top of the basket. Yes and the whole problem is  S4, S5 and S6  now face a big threat.

A vulnerability in the keyboard software that comes pre-loaded on Samsung Galaxy series phones. Repackaged version of swiftKey, uses an unencrypted connection for updates. In this way, malicious code can be introduced and implemented. In addition, calls can also listen. What many people do not realize, however, is that this tool has elevated and it has the right to access the platform system files.

Samsung Galaxy Hackers Easily Take Control Of 600 Million Devices

Now Secure called the current flagship Galaxy S6 and its predecessor Galaxy S5, Galaxy S4 and Galaxy S4 Mini as examples of affected devices. The company also points out that the pre-installed SwiftKey keyboard cannot be uninstalled and then presents a security risk if it is not used. Users recommended the company to obtain information about the patch with your service provider. They  also have insecure wireless networks or even use another mobile phone.

The Fix is ​​Ready, and it being Deployed by Samsung and Operators

So far, so good, but a security expert named Ryan Welton made a strange discovery while browsing on his own phone. He actually realized that the virtual keyboard updates were not encrypted, and therefore they were traveling in the clear on the network before being installed on the terminal.

And the problem is here, finally, because it would suffice to change these famous packets on the fly to get full access to these phones and all their data. There, hackers could access the contacts of the user, of course, but also to his emails, his text messages, passwords and even all its applications.

Fortunately for us, Ryan Welton’s a nice hack and he has contacted Samsung late last year to make it escalate the issue. The manufacturer has obviously developed a fix, but it has not yet been deployed on all terminals of the fleet.

In fact, the patch in question would not have been approved by all operators. Morality, if you bought a Galaxy S4, Galaxy S5 or S6 Galaxy from your local supplier, then your terminal probably a victim of this faulty too. It is advisable to use Google Keyboard or any other third party keyboard in the meantime.

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