Samsung Expected To Roll Out Foldable Smartphones By 2016

The Galaxy S6 Edge is an extremely impressive device, The smartphone market is evolving at an incredible speed, so that sometimes some really difficult to follow. In ten years, our mobile companions have dramatically changed our lives through ever more efficient technologies Starting next year, In fact, more than twice the company’s new phones are tilted to compensate for its curved AMOLED. Samsung could strike a blow and revolutionize the market by marketing its first foldable smartphone. Displays have become more flexible than ever as shown in their capacity to withstand twisting and bending.

The foldable smartphone, In the collective unconscious is the device that we only see in science fiction movies. A new report reveals racing to corner the market. But Samsung came to identify these steps as “curved”, “bent”, “foldable” and “rollable”. The screens with LG G Flex 2, Samsung’s curved edge displays. But for now, the models are said curved, i.e. that the screens are bent, but are embedded in a base that is not. The two companies already have much of a surprise, but an unnamed official from Samsung display is very excited to come to us in a suit smartphones pumping curve.

Samsung Expected To Roll Out Foldable Smartphones By 20161

The ultimate dream for the high-tech fans, This is a smartphone that bends in full. But for now, it seems that the only element of the smartphone able to be made foldable version is the screen. Samsung and LG, have already demonstrated their expertise in this area, but what about everything else? Of flexible batteries are certainly already developed, but for the rest?

Because that is where lies the stress of making a fully collapsible smartphone. Apparently, Samsung is confident the issue, The better, The manufacturer expects commercialization of the first models next year.

This is the Samsung Display branch of the Korean brand and Samsung’s trotted out its bending displays in the past as concept products, It obviously still too early to imagine the release in 2016 of a Samsung Galaxy fully collapsible but nothing is impossible.

In any case, such a technology will certainly have a very high cost, and although the first version arrives next year, it certainly will not be accessible to everyone. In the meantime.

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