Role Of Social Media In The Contemporary World

Social media has widely influenced all of us in a good or bad way. Contemporary man has become dependent on social media. It has different uses; positive and negative, and it can also be used as a tool to bring a social change within our society. Social media is also a platform for different people to represent themselves and get instant feedback from all over the world.

Role Of Social Media In The Contemporary World

1- Extensive use of social media for recreational activities

Social media is mostly used for recreational purposes. People use it to entertain themselves. There are tons of social networking websites and many people are active users of these networking websites. They have various friends from all over the globe and share their happiness, sorrows, and plans with them. Social media is extensively used to keep in touch with family, friends and latest happenings around the globe.

2- Social Media is the handy source of news

Social media is the quickest source of getting news. Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn and others are the active sources of disseminating news around the globe. People are notified about latest happenings on their cell phones. This is quite useful for people with busy schedules who can now stay updated with latest news and activities.

3- Social Media is used as a tool to persuade people

Different people and organizations are also using social media as a persuasion tool to serve their hidden purposes. Political organizations are most active on social media; these organizations have active followers which are constantly in contact with their leaders. Different communities and religious seminaries are also influencing people on social media.

4- Role of social media in education

The role of social media in imparting education is undeniable. Various institutes and educators are disseminating useful information for multiple subjects. Students can get multiple videos and presentations for a better understanding of difficult subjects. It has benefitted many students in comprehending their subjects in more details. Various pages are found on social media which can be used for educational purposes and compile assignments on different topics of various subjects.

5- Free Platform for marketing

The business world is taking free services of social media for advertisement purposes. Different brands are found on Facebook, twitter, YouTube, Twitter, and Pinterest. They share their upcoming events, sale deals, and new arrivals and in this way, people get the latest information regarding their favorite brands instantly. Specifically, clothing brands have attracted thousands of customers this way.

6- Discussion and suggestions for social issues

Social media is also used to discuss social problems. Different people share problems and get suggestions from other people to solve these problems.  The anonymity helps people to freely share their problems and ask for solutions from other users. Therefore, privacy is not hampered and we can get useful suggestions from other people on different issues.

The role of social media in the contemporary world is of significant importance. It has changed our thoughts and significantly changed our attitudes and behaviors. Social media is used for negative and positive purposes and parents must supervise their kids.

Author’s Bio: This article has been written by Phillips Forman, a Programmer, Tutor and a writer who works for Assignment help service and writes on different topics related to technology news and events.