Researching Firefox Plugins

There are several Firefox Plugins that can actually help you to make your on line browsing experience through Firefox even smoother and more productive. Most of this plug-ins are available for free or come for a minimum charge and can be installed easily without spending much effort or time.

Researching Firefox Plugins

However, Plug-ns consumes space and you need to restrict the number of plug-ins you install and use with your Firefox to enjoy the optimal speed of the browser. When it comes to choosing a few from a bunch of thousands of Plugins, the task can become confusing. This article presents you with the results of a research performed on Firefox Plug-ins to help you choose the most useful ones as per your needs. The Firefox Plugins that we recommend are listed below:

  • Evernote Web Clipper

This plugin is an old and efficient one ideal for people performing research based works online. It can efficiently store and manage all the web information you will need in time but not right now. Through the Web Clipper you can also send something to Evernote quickly.

  • Addblock Plus

This add-on can effectively block online advertisements as well as malware domains. Block annoying ads on Facebook, YouTube and other sites effortlessly with Addblock. There are many filters and filter preferences to allow non-obtrusive advertising.

  • Pocket 

Pocket is ideal to capture any online information for viewing later. It enables the user to go through the content later even when offline. It automatically syncs with your phone, computer and tablet, enabling you to view the saved content anytime from anywhere.

  • Greasemonkey 

This plugin enables you to customize the way a website looks by using small bits of java scripts. The plugin even supports user written scripts and enables the users to have a fully customized look of websites.

  • NetVideo Hunter 

If you are much into downloading music and videos from online sources like YouTube,  Facebook, Dailymotion, SoundCloud or any other online sources this downloader can be highly effective.  It supports FLV, MP4 and WEBM video files and MP3 and OGG music file formats.

  • NoScript Security Suite 

Get the best security for your web browser with this award winning plugin which allows active content from a website to run only if you trust the site. It protects the user from XSS and Clickjacking attacks.

  • Tab Mix Plus 

This add- on enhances tab browsing capabilities of Firefox. Features like duplicating tabs, tab clicking options, controlling tab focus, undo closed tabs and much more makes it a full-fledged browsing session manager that can add extensively to your browsing experience.

  • DownThemAll 

It is a full featured download manager with advanced accelerator, capable to increase download speed up to 4x.It also offers pause and resume download options. It is reliable, easy to use and enables the user to customize downloads as per requirements.

  • FastestFox 

This add-on is designed to speed up browsing tasks. It enables one to work faster by speeding up repetitive tasks, auto loading the next page, enhancing search and many more. The add-on increases productivity of the user extensively.

There are many more Firefox Plugins that are not included in the above list but are highly praised for their efficiency and ability to offer a better browsing experience coupled with enhanced productivity.

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